10 Gelato Places To Get Your Sweet Fix in Metro Manila

Everybody loves ice-cream – especially if it comes in gelato form. Thicker, creamier, and available in countless flavors, It’s a milk and sugar frozen dessert easily loved by all ages. If you’re craving for a scoop of gelato on a hot day, where do you go? Check out any of these 10 gelato stores you can visit around Metro Manila!


Italian family favorite Amici’s famous dessert counterpart, Cara Mia, not only offers refrigerated cakes, but also a well-loved line of homemade gelato and gelato cakes that anyone can enjoy in-store via scoop or at home via pint.

For a chocolatey choice, the Ferrero pint (P365) mixes in bits of your favorite hazelnut candy with thick gelato. The fruity Blueberry Cheesecake (P365-pint) highlights real blueberry sauce and fresh blueberries. What about a gelato cake? The best-selling Mango Passion Gelato Cake (P1150) has mango chunks mixed with gelato atop a shortbread pie crust.


A popular household name among gelato fans is Gelatissimo, the artisanal gelato chain that serves up classic to quirky flavors in different forms – gelato scoops, sundaes, cakes, cones, and even gelato shakes. They even have dairy-free sorbet!

Among their best-selling flavors is the indulgent Chocolate Truffle (P120-scoop), a strong, rich chocolate topped with cocoa powder. For the sorbet, the fruity Raspberry is refreshing. Coffee lovers should also go for the Espresso, a nice, strong Italian brew. Want something different but sweet? Go for the Salted Macadamia and Dulce De Leche!


Local gelato brand Fiorgelato prides itself in creating pure Italian-quality gelato but with a Filipino heart, offering flavors fit for the sweet-loving and sometimes adventurous Filipino palate.

Some of their crowd fave flavors include the sweet but slightly strong Mocha Latte (P110), which you can get in a cone or a cup. Some even pair it with the bright-green Mint, a light, refreshing choice. Also, you can't go wrong with the Mango Graham variant!

Bono Gelato

If premium is your way to go, head over to Bono Gelato, the gelato stand that offers premium and signature flavors that are rare to find. A single scoop (P130-premium, P150-signature) of any flavor is enough, thanks to its thick, creamy, and indulgent taste.

Their premium Burnt Salted Caramel flavor is a must-try, and so are their Filipino faves: the sweet Taho (which comes with actual tapioca pearls), silky Ube Velvet, and the chocolatey Milo Dinosaur. They even have Gelato Cookies (P95), which come in vanilla, salted caramel, or milo dinosaur flavors.

Manila Creamery

Proudly local, artisanal, and made the Manila way, gelato company Manila Creamery is a family favorite ice cream bar, thanks to all the flavors and toppings available. 

Regular (P100-single) and premium (P100-single) flavors can be paired with their respective toppings, like the pretty-in-pink Strawberry Crunch gelato, topped with crunchy cornflakes. They even have Manila gelato parfaits to dig into, like the Mango Float, Cereal Mais con Yelo, and the ube-filled Halo-Halo!

Morelli's Gelato

Hailing from the UK and born in 1907, Morelli’s Gelato has shown that with experience and history come high-quality gelato. Their fresh gelato every day in-store offers different flavors, sorbets, wild sundaes, and even soft-serve yogurt!

Their prices range from P100-150 per scoop, depending on its type. Some fan favorites include the rich Hazelnut, a smooth crossover between chocolate and nutella. The pistachio gelato is creamy and nutty, and the refreshing Lemon flavor gives a good, tangy kick!


Gelatofix is a lifestyle cafe that offers more than just gelato, but ultimately, it's in its name – if you need your fix of gelato, come right over.

Aside from the usual gelato scoops, Gelatofix boasts of interesting gelato cakes and gelato sushi. Daring foodies, it’s worth a try! From the gelato cakes, one must order the Veneto Tiramisu Dream (P1800-whole, P230-slice), a creamy, cool ode to the famous Italian dessert. For the gelato sushi, try a cute piece (P75) of Mango Nigiri or a Sesame Roll!


For the authentic Italian food experience, Chiara’s is the way to go! Serving up pastries, cakes, and of course, gelato, this cute kiosk is worth a stopover whenever a sweet craving hits.

Their flavors are as real as they can be like, their Mint Chocolate gelato (P120-cone/cup), drizzled with a crunchy chocolate syrup shell on top. Their sundaes (P235) are also a hit, like their Banana Split or famous Black Forest flavor. They even have gelato frappes (P165) to sip on, gelato scoops blended till creamy!

Mio Gelati

The pretty and cute Mio Gelati is known for its gourmet gelato creations, offering homemade gelato, gelato shakes, and even gelato bars for all ages.

Sweet tooths will love the Salted Caramallows (P189) gelato shake, blending biscoff cookies with toasted marshmallows and salted caramel gelato! Another must-try is their decadent Smoresicle (P150, with Mio's premium dark chocolate gelato wrapped with toasted marshmallow. What an experience!

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