Make Your Wednesday Evenings Extra Special with a Japanese Buffet Dinner at Spectrum, Fairmont Makati



The Spectrum in Fairmont Makati has always offered a medley of cuisines from China, Middle East, India, Europe, Philippines, and Japan, but since the first Wednesday of March 2019, the Japanese buffet is now being buffed up to 70% of the restaurant’s available dishes to the delight of the baikingu gluts.

Just imagine, Japanese cuisine temptations almost tantamount to the usual international selections of the signature buffet restaurant, spread wide for the eater’s choosing. Now that's worth the eat!

Spectrum's open kitchen offers customers a peek at the preparation of their food

Besides the wide array of offerings made from the finest ingredients, the restaurant also boasts of a rich interior with a minimalist and modern design. From the high ceilings that hung glamorous chandeliers to the glass windows that showcase a garden’s night view of the outside, Spectrum further accentuates luxuriance through its venue for a complete fine dining experience.

Now, you can go itadakimasu on their Jap eat-all-you-can every Wednesday evening for a price of P2,455 per person. To help you with your gastronomic tour, here’s a suggested to-do list when you try out Spectrum’s Japanese nights!

Fewer servings, more dishes at the izakaya station

For appetizers, go straight to the Japanese pop food station or as they call it, the izakaya station. Kushi katsu, yakitori, pork tonkatsu, kakiage, edamame, okonomiyaki, tempura, gyoza, tsukume, and baked mussels with tobiko aioli are just some of your initial options. Grab as much as you want but do not forget that you're just getting started!

The izakaya station

Create your own Udon

Standing like a real Japanese stall is their udon station. Either you get the chef make the usual fix for you or tweak the toppings in your own fancy. For your dashi soy broth mix-in, choose between pork glazed with teriyaki sauce for a Pork Udon Noodle Soup or thinly sliced beef tenderloin for a Beef Udon Noodle Soup. You can then have it your way with the number of toppings: bok choy, onion leeks, tanuki, togarashi, strips of nori, sesame seeds, spring onions, and egg.

Spectrum's Udon Station
Beef udon noodle soup

Satiate your sushi and nigiri cravings

What's a Japanese buffet dinner without sushi and nigiri? Spectrum dedicates another station for such delicacies. The flying fish roe, salmon skin, spicy crab, shrimp tempura, salmon belly maki, spicy tuna, and kamikaze rolls are but some of the sushi and nigiri assortments you can try at this buffet.

The sushi roll lineup
A palatable palette of nigiri

For this station's bestseller, the Salmon Skin Sushi offers a perfect fusion between the spicy rice roll and its crispy salmon skin center.

Salmon Skin Sushi

Take some teppanyaki and kushiyaki on the side

Also, remember to grab some of the savory side dishes grilled to perfection at the teppanyaki and kushiyaki station. Take your pick among the salmon belly, top blade steak with scallions, pork belly, pork loin, boneless chicken thigh, shrimp, red snapper, squid, and vegetables.

Teppanyaki bowl

Slurp some cold soba goodness

Like your udon fix, you can also choose between the pre-made soba bowls or create your own. Beyond your usual soba egg noodles are matcha and buckwheat variations. You can then fish out the other ingredients depending on your taste buds' liking.

Cold Soba station
Cold Soba

Dig-in to desirable desserts

A perfect finish for any buffet meal is having a fulfilling plate of desserts. The Japanese nights here at the Spectrum gladly brings its customers a rich selection of sweet confections.

Besides the usual ice cream scoops (their wasabi flavor is a must-try for the curious), you can dig in to their bestsellers Matcha Tiramisu and Japanese Cheesecakeplus their recommended homemade Mochi with strawberry, matcha, and red bean variations.

Matcha Tiramisu
Japanese Cheesecake
Selection of Mochi

Other delectable desserts available are the Ube Macapuno Cake, Mango Milk Chocolate Mousse, Pudding, Black Sesame Creme Brulee, Matcha Tea Swiss Roll, Matcha Macarons, and more.

And that's about all you need to expect at Spectrum during Japanese nights. If you still want to have some heavy Western dishes on the side while you indulge on this gastronomic Japanese tour, no worries because 30% of the dishes available are still of Western cuisine. If you plan to check them out some other day, here's an eat-all-you-can guide to Spectrum's all-day dishes.

Catch Spectrum at Fairmont Makati's Japanese Nights every Wednesday, starting from 6PM until 10PM.


Spectrum is located at 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City. For more information and reservations, please call 795 1840 or email

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