Sebastian's Ice Cream's Valentine's Day Flavors Returns This February!

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Year after year, Sebastian's Ice Cream never fails to give us something to look forward to in February, no matter what our relationship status may be. This Valentine's season, they have once again concocted a new set of flavors that are just as creative and unique as the other staple flavors they have in-store. 

Excited to eat your hearts out? Here are the 4 Valentine's Day flavors that would definitely give you the sweetness you deserve and crave for this season! 

Matinong Boyfriend

If you're looking for a scoop that's a mix of chocolatey and fruity, make sure to try out Matinong Boyfriend (P130), an almond butter milk chocolate ice cream with a ripple of blackberry. Staying true to being sweet and delicious up to the last scoop, this flavor is definitely not gonna disappoint ice-cream lovers out there. 

Matinong Girlfriend

For the self-admitted cheesy person, the Matinong Girlfriend (P130) is the perfect flavor for them! Because there's no such thing as "too cheesy", they made sure to go all out to this flavor which is a combination of cheese ice cream, cheese-flavored potato chips dipped in white chocolate, multigrain chips (yes, also cheese-flavored!), and pretzels, so every spoonful gets you the balance of the sweet and the salty. 


Looking for Closure (P130)? You'd definitely find it here in Sebastian's. It's the one for anyone who is in a long-term relationship with milk tea as it's basically chai ice cream made spicey with the addition of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and peppercorns. 

Unresolved Issues

And of course, who will ever miss the classic Unresolved Issues (P100) which stays the same every year (unlike that person who told you they wouldn't, remember?). An ampalaya sorbet with actual chunks of candied ampalaya, this is for those who hope they can swallow the bitterness they're feeling along with every spoonful of this unique dessert. 


Sebastian's Valentine Ice Cream flavors will be available for the month of February at its branches in Podium, Ayala Vertis North, and Regis Center. For more information, you may visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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Sebastian's Ice Cream

Ice Cream & Yogurt
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