8 Places in Metro Manila To Get Your Cookie Fix From

Who doesn’t love a deliciously freshly-baked soft, chewy, cookie? Almost every sweet tooth does, including ourselves! Whether it’s made from chocolate chips, white chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter, marshmallows, green tea, or even a wild combination of everything imaginable - there’s always that one perfect cookie fit just for you. We round up a few of the best places in the metro to get your cookie fix from!

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2018 cookies metro manila 2018 cookies metro manila

Image: TWOBakers

The online cookie sensation, Two Bakers, has been making waves in the sweet-loving online community for a while now, and for good reason. Highly in-demand, these soft baked cookies are sinfully sweet, chewy, and come in a variety of crowd-loved flavors.

There’s definitely something for everyone, with each baked cookie flavor served in the distinct copper can. For P130 a piece, you can get Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, or the Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin. Their unique flavors extend to Matcha White Chocolate Chip and Ube White Chocolate Macapuno! You can even order a can of assorted flavors for yourself.

Scout’s Honor
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2018 cookies metro manila 2018 cookies metro manila

Image: Scout's Honor

Scout’s Honor calls it a craft cookie shop, serving up artisanal cookies within a fresh, fun setting. Their cookies are baked in-store, with fan-favorite flavors like Matcha Nutella, Red Velvet, and S’mores. You can order different flavors through a set (P265-385), or even gorge on your own Milk and Cookies Bucket (P410), which are made of 12 choco chip and chunk or double choco fudge cookies with a bottle of milk. Talk about nostalgia. You can add a scoop of ice cream to the mix. It’s a sweet tooth’s heaven in here!

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2018 cookies metro manilaImage: Wildflour

Known for its extensive and freshly-baked menu of quality goods daily, Wildflour Cafe + Bakery offers up delectable, gourmet cookies that are big in size, guaranteed to satisfy that appetite and burning sweet tooth. You’ll want to sink your teeth into their sinful Chewy Chocolate Cookie (P966 for 6 pcs), or for the vegans, their Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookie (P690 for 6 pcs). The guilt-free Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (P828 for 6 pcs) is also an equally yummy option for those looking for a less sweet option.

Mo’ Cookies

2018 cookies metro manila 2018 cookies metro manila

Image: Mess Hall

Hailing from The Moment Group (the group behind Manam, 8Cuts, and Ooma), the freshly-baked cookies from The Mess Hall (PHP100-140) are an undeniable hit among cookie-crazed fans in the Metro.

The newly-named Mo’s Cookies are affordable, hand-huge, soft, chewy, thick, and perfectly baked, with the toppings still warm and gooey on the inside. Their best-selling flavors include, of course, the classic Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Macadamia, Nutella Crinkle, and the White Chocolate Walnut. We’re already salivating!

The Bald Baker
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2018 cookies metro manila 2018 cookies metro manila

Image: The Bald Baker

This solo male baker has definitely got the chops in baking, as he solely creates uniquely-named, good-looking, and super yummy cookies that have made his title, “The Bald Baker,” a household name among the city’s cookie monsters.

An example of one of his interesting creations: The Broke Nut Cookie, a brownie and choco chip cookie mixed with marshmallows and toasted walnuts. There’s also the Ms. Cornflake Crunch (P70) and the Basic Betch, a cookie sprinkled with sea salt. Other ingredients to watch out for in his innovative cookie creations: peppermint, orange, cranberry, ube, and even pretzels!

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2018 cookies metro manila 2018 cookies metro manila

Image: Epilogue

If you find yourself intimidated by Epilogue’s fine dining fancy menu, don’t be! We’re really just here for their exquisitely gourmet and delicious freshly-baked cookies.

For P180 a piece, those craving for a hefty cookie packed with premium ingredients can munch on their bakery’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt cookie, Valrhona Reese’s, or Cranberry Oatmeal. Their Matcha White Choco Almond is also a prime choice (P190) for fans of green tea and sweet white chocolate! Pair it with Epilogue’s cold brew and you’ve got yourself the perfect afternoon treat.

Family Mart
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2018 cookies metro manilaImage: Family Mart

Don’t underestimate this convenience store cookie – Family Mart has been the go-to choice for the on-the-go sweet tooth looking for a quick, easy, and super affordable cookie fix!

The famous Chocolate Walnut Cookie (PHP38) of Family Mart is home-baked, warm upon ordering, and of good, filling size. They also have an Oatmeal Raisin variant for the slightly more “health-conscious” bunch. Don’t be fooled – it may be cheap but it sure doesn’t compromise on flavor!

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2018 cookies metro manila 2018 cookies metro manila

Image: Borough

This contemporary resto-bar isn’t just ideal for after-work grub and barkada snacks – it’s also a known haven for sweet-crazed lovers. Borough offers different cookie creations, like the Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich with Maple Cream inside. Of course, one can’t forget their signature Mom’s Milk and Cookies (P250) set! You can choose the three types of cookies you want, and have each one with a pitcher of fresh, cold milk. Does that remind you of childhood or what?

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