Mo' Cookies for You: Famous 'Bigger than your palm' Cookies of The Mess Hall Now Have a Stall in Power Plant Mall

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Finally opening this Friday afternoon at Power Plant Mall, a few steps from its TMG sibling Din Tai Fung Xiaolongbao Bar, is Mo' Cookies -- yes, the famous The Mess Hall cookies are finally getting a stall of their own. That's right, very soon there's going to be Mo' Cookies for you!

Mo' Cookies setting up shop at Power Plant Mall last Thursday night, before their opening day

The Mess Hall has been that 'worth the drive' food destination in Pasong Tamo Extension because of their gooey, bigger than your palm freshly baked cookies. Now, these baked treats have an official name -- Mo' Cookies -- and adds Power Plant Mall as its second location, and this new stall is dedicated especially to just their cookies.

What can the cookie lovers expect in this new location? The classic original sized cookies called Palm and another size called Crumb, a smaller sized cookie. There will be six cookie flavors available: The Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Walnut, Dark Chocolate Macadamia, South Cotabato Chocolate Fudge, Nutella Crinkle, and Triple Choco Mallow (one of the first flavors). Everything will be availble in Crumb size and sold by the dozen (perfect take-me-home, or pop-in-you-mouth treats), while the Crumb sized Crinkle will just be a classic (no nutella filling).

The Chocolate Chip cookies in Palm & Crumb sizes

Prices will be as follows:

  • Crumb - P245/dozen (you can mix and match flavors and have a little of everything)
  • Palm Size available in Single, per 4 pieces, per 8 pieces, and per half dozen P865 (a little of everything/one of each flavor)
  • The Chocolate Chip - Single/P120, 4 pcs/P480, 8 pcs/P960
  • White Chocolate Walnut - Single/P145,  4 pcs/P580, 8 pcs/P1,160
  • Dark Chocolate Macadamia - Single/P170, 4 pcs/P680, 8 pcs/P1,360
  • South Cotabato Chocolate Fudge - Single P145, 4 pcs/P580, 8 pcs/P1,160
  • Triple Choco Mallow - Single/P145, 4 pcs/P580, 8 pcs/P1,160
  • Nutella Crinkle - Single/P145, 4 pcs/P580, 8 pcs/P1,160

Mo' Cookies is opening later at 3pm, November 23, Friday. The stall is located at level R1 of the new wing, a few meters away from its TMG sibling, Din Tai Fung Xiaolongbao Bar. For more information and updates check out their Instagram (@mocookiesforyou).

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Mo' Cookies

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