Eat Of The Week: 'Zero,' the Rare and Original 1984 Ramen Recipe Served in Special Bowls from Ippudo Japan



It's been 33 years since Japanese ramen house Ippudo opened its first branch in Fukuoka, Japan! And to celebrate that, Ippudo will be bringing in their original ramen recipe to Manila for a limited 33-day run!


Meet the Zero - representing the shop's "Episode Zero" - which is Ippudo's base ramen. This ramen features Ippudo's signature tonkotsu broth, Hakata-style noodles, slow-cooked salted pork chashu, green onions, ajikikurage (black fungus), and sesame seeds. This recipe was created by the founder of Ippudo one year before it opened shop. The result is a broth with a light and addicting flavor, making it the perfect introduction for those who have just recently started trying out ramen.  

'Zero' features a light and classic broth, the OG ramen making a great reintroduction of Japanese ramen to the Filipino palate
Add some freshly crushed garlic to your Zero to spice things up!

Aside from the broth and ingredients which are shipped from Japan, Ippudo also serves Zero in the special bowls from Japan made exclusively for Zero, so anyone who will order it are in for a unique experience they wouldn't be able to have in other Ippudo branches, any other time of the year.  

Special 'Zero' Bowl from Japan

If you want to be the first ones to enjoy these bowls though, you could also visit Ippudo's SM Megamall branch on October 16 - Ippudo's 33rd anniversary - where they would be giving free bowls of Zero to the first 330 customers to line up!  

Ippudo's limited edition ramen will be available in only four branches in Metro Manila from October 17 to November 18 -- and it will be their most affordable ramen yet at P290 a bowl. However, those who'd like to get a taste during these days would have to be there early, as the SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Vertis North, and Powerplant Mall branches will only be serving 33 bowls of ramen per day. No worries that you'd have to line up though, as we assure you it's going to be worth the wait!

The Dish: Zero (P290)

Where to Find it: Ippudo's 4 branches: SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Vertis North, and Powerplant Mall. Zero is only available for a limited time, from October 17 to November 18, 2018. For more information, you may check out Ippudo Philippines' Facebook and Instagram pages. #Ippudo33rd #EpisodeZero

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