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See this beautiful spread on the table?

This lunch did not take place at some new restaurant in Manila. In fact, you can have exactly all of these (and more) right at your own home. And here's another good news: it only takes ten minutes to prepare each dish straight from the freezer, so it's perfect for the hungry foodie that lacks kitchen skills. This is also a godsend for the very busy folk that don't want to settle with the same old lackluster (and oftentimes unhealthy) quick eats from the nearest convenience store or fast food outlet.

Mister Delicious Everyday Foods encourages to create delicious meals even if you're busy

From soups to spreads, pastas to mains, Jeremy and Jen Slagle, the couple behind Mister Delicious, provide real foods for busy people. Called Everyday Foods, this lineup of restaurant-quality comfort food from Mister Delicious is prepared without shortcuts but with the customer's convenience in mind -- you can easily order it online, have your frozen food delivered, and have it done in ten minutes straight from its plastic bag. All you need is to boil it and in ten minutes, you are all set to serve and enjoy!

Place the sealed food bag in boiling water after removing its cardboard sleeve, wait ten minutes, and place the contents into your serving dish. That easy!
Ham Hock Minestrone (P320/350g):
all Everyday Foods are good for approximately 2 persons, like this classic Italian soup with smokey ham hock broth

Some of the standouts in the Everyday Foods line are the Confit Chicken Inasal (P300/2pcs) and Beef Rendang (P350/320g). The first is a version of that Bacolod delicacy that's extra tender and flavorful as it is cooked confit then chargrilled (don't forget to drizzle the remaining sauce on rice -- it's a sin to have this without it), and the second, their take on the Malaysian dish, wonderfully aromatic with fork-tender meat, as the beef is slow-cooked. The spice level here is moderate, and the coconut flavors excellent. Have some rice ready for this one, too.

Confit Chicken Inasal:
marinated, cooked confit until tender, then chargrilled
Beef Rendang:
Authentic Malaysian aromatics are blended and toasted over fire to achieve bright flavors, and the beef is slow-cooked in coconut

If you're going meatless, you'll also have something to try out in the Everyday Foods line. While Mister Delicious is known for their cured and smoked meats (I'm a huge fan of their bacon), they also carry delicious vegetarian options. For a vegetarian feast you can share with friends, you can start your meal with Malunggay Hummus (P180/250g) and Roasted Tomato Soup (P180/350g), then have Vegan Gising-Gising (P280) and a garlicky Soy-rizo (P280/200g) as mains. It's really a hassle-free good quality dining experience at home, and you can can have the food bags stashed in the freezer for food emergencies or everyday eats.

Vegan Gising-Gising:
Mister Delicious goes meatless in this version, skipping the pork and replacing it with ground tofu, and made with sigarilyas and tausi in a spicy coconut sauce

There's still a whole lot more Everyday Foods to be discovered, so browse through the Mister Delicious website to plan out your home meals or work baon for the following weeks! In fact, the selection is pretty diverse yet they compliment other dishes in the lineup, so you can create a feast at home for family and friends -- just tell them to bring some fresh greens, rice (you'll need lots of it for the ulam), and booze!

You can now order all of these and more from the Everyday Foods line of Mister Delicious through their website to have your orders delivered straight to your doorstep. Visit mrdelicious.ph, and follow Mister Delicious on Instagram (@mrdeliciousph) and Facebook (/mrdeliciousph).

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