This Special Chinese Feast in Manila Hotel Comes with a Mooncake Festival Dice Game (and Prizes, Too!)

While our local weather doesn't recognize autumn and fall season doesn't really equate to everyone in Manila layering jackets, this time of the year we often get to celebrate it with luxurious mooncakes. And if you're Chinese, your family will most likely want to gather everyone to get lucky and win big at a traditional dice game.

Dice & Dine your way to big prizes at Manila Hotel this Mid-Autumn Festival

This year, Manila Hotel's signature Chinese restaurant wants to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with their guests by not only offering decadent mooncakes you can order by the box, but also allowing diners to have their own dice game party after their lunch or dinner! Visit Red Jade this mooncake festival to enjoy two specially curated set menus for the occasion, and your 10-course feast will come with the traditional dice game ('Pua Tiong Chiu') complete with a gamemaster to officiate, and a slew of prizes to be won, such as mooncakes, hotel merchandise, and gift certificates to Manila Hotel's food outlets!

Red Jade, Manila Hotel's premier Chinese restaurant
New to the dice game? No worries -- they'll provide you with mechanics, a gamemaster to officiate, and supply you with dice, playing bowls, and prizes!
Eat and play at Red Jade from September 21 to 30, 2018

Dine & Dice will run from September 21 to 30, and can be availed by a table with a minimum of 10 guests; reservation is highly recommended. Before playing the dice game, you get to choose from two set menus created by Chef de Cuisine Sin Bing, and the ten course menu will also include a sampling of Red Jade's four mooncake flavors -- Brown Sugar, Red Dates, Ginger Tea; Assorted Nuts; Pure White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk; and Red Bean Paste with Single Yolk.

Red jade Assorted Mooncakes

Here's a look at some of the sumptuous authentic Chinese dishes you can enjoy right before you get to rolling the dice to win yourself some prizes: 

Suckling Pig Combination
Stir-Fried Australian Scallops with Asparagus in X.O. Sauce
Soya Pigeon
Simmered Pork Spareribs with Chinese Bun
Braised Sea Cucumber and Local Abalone in Brown Sauce
Deep-Fried Sea Mantis in Salt and Pepper with Garlic
Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Soya Sauce
Coconut Milk with Peach Tree Resin

Red Jade's Mid-Autumn Set Menu (Set A at P2,888/person, Set B at P3,888/person) will be available for lunch and dinner from September 21 to 30, 2018, for a minimum of 10 persons. Reservations are recommended. Mooncakes are available for pre-order and are available per piece (P288/single box) and in a boxes of two (P688 rectangular box), four (P1,188/square box), and five (P1,288/rectangular box). The mooncakes will be available until September 24, 2018.

Red Jade is located at the of Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila. For mooncake orders and restaurant inquiries, please call Manila Hotel's Restaurant Reservations at 527-0011 ext. 1261 to 1264.

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