Get Your Pizza Fix at These 10 Restaurants around Metro Manila

If there's one edible thing that gives everyone life, it's PIZZA.

This glorious Italian delicacy made of perfectly-baked crust, fresh tomato sauce, and any topping imaginable can make even the pickiest eaters crave for the blessing that is pizza. And because we know how urgent your pizza cravings can get, we've rounded up 10 yummy restos where you can get your fix ASAP!

1. Crosta Pizzeria

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Crosta Pizzeria

Fun fact: It’s not just the drinks people visit Poblacion for; it’s also the pizza! With a mission to "make pizza great again," Crosta Pizzeria offers quality, quirkily-named pies for hungry pob-crawlers looking for some late-night grub to share.

There’s The Basic Bitch (P400), made of mozzarella and basil leaves, the Stuffed AF (P400), a spinach and artichoke-stuffed 5-cheese delight, and the Happy Ending (P400), a dessert pizza made with nutella, strawberry, and mascarpone. BTW: They have vegan options, too! The Green Sausage (P400) is awesome, made with non-dairy cream and tofu sausages.

2. Friuli Trattoria

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Friuli Trattoria

This long-time, well-known, humble Maginhawa favorite has been making waves for years now, and many know exactly why. The cozy Friuli Trattoria is king in serving authentic-tasting Italian pizzas for an incredibly affordable price, making it a go-to choice for hungry barkadas and families on a budget.

They’ve mastered the classics, like the cheesy Tre Formaggi with a hint of blue cheese (P200) and the 4-mushroom Funghi Pizza (P200), but also do a delicious attempt on the unconventional, like the Chicken Tandoori (P245), a spicy ode to Indian flavors, and the unique Cheesesteak (P270), made with beef sirloin and mashed potatoes.

3. Motorino

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Motorino

The cream of the pizza crop, Motorino, is the upscale pizza place to visit if you’re looking for your favorite pie taken up a classier, more premium notch.

Known for their authentic NY-style pizzas, created with only the finest ingredients, their pizza choices are nothing short of indulgent. Gourmands salivate for the Truffle Honey and 4-Cheese (P695), the Vongole-inspired Manila Clams (P595), and the Prosciutto Di Parma (P625), all bursting with true Italian flavors, each with a freshly-baked crisp.

4. Pizza Warehouse

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Pizza Warehouse

Located at the center of busy Glorietta is Pizza Warehouse, a favorite casual New York Style Pizza joint of on-the-go professionals or busy mall goers looking for a simple yet filling slice of good ‘ol pizza.

Among their 6 no-frills crowd favorite flavors are the All Cheese (P109/slice; P649/whole), the Pepperoni (P109/slice; P649/whole), and the Veggies pizza (P109/slice; P649/whole). The best part? Their worth-your-money slices are hella huge and don’t scrimp on toppings!

5. Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Is it date night? Treat your partner to a luxurious dining experience at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar, where sophistication meets authenticity, both in its ritzy atmosphere and fine Italian cuisine.

The Pescatore (P750), a lovely medley of of seafood and fresh herbs, is best shared together, as well as the D.O.C. (P850), a well-loved cherry tomatoes and basil classic. Fall in love with pizza (and each other) all over again!

6. Bistro Ravioli

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Bistro Ravioli

Don't be fooled by its name - "ravoli" maybe in it, but pizza should be, too! Bistro Ravioli surprises with a pizza menu of interesting variants, just like the Honey Bacon and Jalapeno (P440), a sweet-salty-spicy spin on your favorite pie.

They also have the Beef Mediterranean (P490), made with beef kebabs, and the light and clean Shrimp and Scallion pizza. Their array of unique pizza flavors just might overwhelm you, in the best way possible, of course!

7. Torch

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Torch

Torch remains a family favorite, thanks to its quality flavors and shareable, value-for-money portions. It also keeps pizza fanatics coming back for more, thanks to their pizza's irresistibly crispy, thin crusts and overflowing toppings.

Their best-sellers are hard not to love, especially with meaty choices like their Gambas Pizza (P374.95) and the Philly Cheesesteak (P384.95), both bursting with flavor. Vegetarians will also be happy to know that the veggie-filled Garden Pizza (P319.95) exists just for them!

8. Pizza Studio

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Pizza Studio

Pizza Studio, the DIY Make-Your-Own-Pizza concept hailing from Los Angeles, has got many Filipino families and barkadas itching to create their own pizza pie masterpiece together!

The novelty lies in you having complete control over your pizza - from the kind of crust, down to the sauce, cheese, and toppings. Lazy to DIY? No worries! They've got a list of super unconventional, pre-made pizzas to try - care for some Chicken Inasal (P275), Sisig (P300), Bulgogi (P275) or Carbonara (P275)?

9. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

One of the local pioneers of the brick oven pizza craze is Gino's Brick Oven Pizza, an Italian staple for those looking for good pizza (and burrata!) done right.

Aside from the magic of their freshly-baked thin crust, their topping combos are also exquisitely tasty, like the BOMB (P415), a mix of sweet balsamic onions and punchy bleu, the Bianca Verde (P365), a white-sauce pizza topped with kesong puti, and of course, the Margherita with Burrata pizza, a crowd favorite. Don’t forget a drizzle of Gino’s Spicy Honey!

10. Poco Deli

best pizza in metro manila best pizza in metro manila

Image: Poco Deli

When your deli faves cross paths with your love for Italian, what do you get? Uber-meaty pizzas from Poco Deli!

If you're drooling for comfort food in the form of thinly-crusted, cheesy, meaty goodness, Poco Deli delivers. Their Quattro Carne (P440) made up of 4 popular deli sausages, the Spanish Chorizo (P420), and the cold cut heaven Jamon De oro (P300) are a meat-lover's pizza dreams come true!

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