Cibo Turns 21 and Celebrates Legal Age with a Special 2-for-1 Offer on Bestsellers


A number that means different things to different people. To Cibo, 21 means having been part of countless memories – from festive family reunions to casual catch-ups among friends.

21 also means that they have been bringing diners the best of Italy through over 500,000 kilos of pasta, 1.4 million orders of their Antipasto Spinaci Zola, and 1.7 million glasses of their Té Freddo iced tea!

Best of all, 21 means celebrating a milestone in true Italian fashion – with food! Cibo is thrilled to announce their “Cibo 2-for-1” promotion where patrons can enjoy any two dishes from our list of bestsellers, and choose a dish from our promotional lineup for free.

It’s their way of saying thank you for being with them for 21 long years.

Spinaci Zola
Penne al Telefono

Order any two dishes form this roster to avail of a complimentary dish from the promo list:

  • Antipasto. Spinaci Zola – our famous spinach and gorgonzola cheese dip served with crostini 
  • Tegamino. Mozzarella – melted mozzarella cheese served with Sardinian flat bread
  • Zuppe. Minestra di Funghi. Farro – mushroom soup with a hint of rosemary 
  • Insalata di Mare – fresh green salad with shrimp, squid and crab, tossed in basil pesto and alfalfa sprouts, and served with a lemon vinaigrette
  • Tramezzino. Pollo – chicken sandwich with lemon mayo, white onion and chives
  • Linguine alla Nettuno – seafood pasta with pesto and extra-virgin olive oil 
  • Rigatoni all’Alfonso – tomato-based shrimp pasta with fresh cream and chilli flakes 
  • Spaghettini alla Romana – sardine pasta with red pesto and chili flakes
  • Penne al Telefono – penne pasta tossed in stewed tomatoes, basil, cream, mozzarella and white cheese 
  • Linguine alla Ghiotta – linguine pasta with bacon, sautéed mushrooms, cream and grated parmesan cheese
  • Pollo Arrosto. Limone – roast organic chicken with lemon and black pepper, served with parsley rice pilaf
  • Lombatine di Maiale – grilled pork chops with mango marmellata served with parsley rice pilaf
  • Tagliata di Manzo – sliced beef tenderloin drizzled with olive oil and topped with garlic and rosemary
  • Pizza Prosciutto Crudo – pizza rossa topped with Parma ham, arugula and mozzarella cheese
Pappa al Pomodoro
Filetto di Pesce

Cibo's promotional list:

  • Zuppe. Pappa al Pomodoro – tomato soup with basil and parmesan cheese, served with Tuscan whole wheat bread
  • Insalata Nizzarda – fresh green salad with tuna chunks, black olives, tomatoes and sliced cucumber tossed in a red wine vinaigrette
  • Panino. Melanzane alla Griglia –grilled eggplant panino with tangy sun-dried tomatoes and black olives, topped with melted mozzarella cheese
  • Linguine del Marinaio – tuna pasta with stewed tomatoes, olives and capers
  • Farfalle alla Genovese – farfalle pasta smothered in pesto cream sauce
  • Rigatoni alla Bolognese con Panna – rigatoni pasta with Bologna-style beef and pork ragú, cream and parmesan cheese
  • Filetto di Pesce – pan-roasted fresh fish loins topped with stewed tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms, served with a heart mushroom rice pilaf

The Cibo 2-for-1 promotion will run from August 6 to September 13, 2018, including holidays, and will be available to all dine-in patrons across all their 13 branches. 

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