Texas Roadhouse is Cut Out to Be The Best

Texas Roadhouse

American, Steaks & Ribs

Choices include USDA Choice Sirloin, Dallas Filet, Filet Medallions, Ft. Worth Ribeye and Bone-in Ribeye, All-American Cheeseburger, Smokehouse Burger, Mushroom Jack Chicken, and RattleSnake Bites

Known for their hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch sides, and fresh-baked bread, Texas Roadhouse is the go-to for a meaty meal packed with great-tasting food.

Texas Roadhouse in the 4th floor of Uptown mall, BGC.

It’s all about the cut.

From farm to table, their meat is topnotch and well taken care of. Its tenderness is a product of local butchers and meat cutters who pour love with precision in every stroke and cut.


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“Meat-cutting is truly a lost art,” says Jason Mennie, Senior Director of Legendary Food. The secret behind heavenly steaks goes beyond cooking styles and marinades. It roots back to the brains and brawns behind the beef–butchers and meat cutters who put in the work to deliver high quality meat to the plate.

For instance, prime dishes to look forward to in Texas Roadhouse are the Ribeye Steak, available in 10 oz. (P1,495), 12 oz. (P1,595), and 16 oz. (2,295) and the Pork Chops (P295), among others. These are supple and savory, with flavor brimming to the bone.

Ribeye Steak
Pork Chops

Made from US-grade meat, only high quality dishes can be found in Texas Roadhouse because they have trained butchers to hand cut slabs instead of using machines to process-cut frozen meat. The butchers make sure that the meat is cut with the standard weight, thickness, and size, taking into consideration the time precision in thawing as well.

Butcher and Meat Production Manager, Noel Driz, cutting meat.

“Imported meat needs to be thawed for three to five days before we can actually clean fat trimmings and cut them accurately into specific steaks,” says Noel Driz, Meat Production Manager at Texas Roadhouse. He specializes in pre-sale processing–reducing carcasses (a whole cow)  to primal cuts.

Meat cutting is truly an underrated form of art. A level of accuracy and precision is vital in retaining the integrity of the meat’s texture and flavor. Noel explains, “a badly-cut steak—which is either overweight or underweight—loses its flavor and value.” This means that the cut is as good as the taste.

Meat cutting is a skill that needs intensive training and experience. It also takes perseverance, considering that butchers have to work in a 34-degree walk-in cooler to maintain the freshness of the meat. Behind the glitz and glam of a prime steak lies the hard-work and passion of people in the field. Being in it for 19 years now, Noel advices, “love your job, di lang basta hiwa nang hiwa,  perpetually practice and improve yourself.”

At Texas Roadhouse, steaks are legendary because of the meticulously hand-cut steaks that are grilled to perfection and the passionate team behind the beef.

Texas Roadhouse is truly cut out to be the best, a cut above the rest.



Texas Roadhouse branches are located at: 4th Floor, The Deck, Uptown Bonifacio or G/F S Maison, Conrad Manila. For more information, you may check out their official Facebook page, Texas Roadhouse Philippines or Instagram account, @texasroadhouseph.

Photos by Adrien Tee.

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Texas Roadhouse

American, Steaks & Ribs
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