Dimsum Plus: For P868, Get All The Dimsum You Want (and More!) at Shang Palace, Makati Shangri-La

Shang Palace


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On those days where you suddenly get the craving to eat dim sum, there's no better way to satisfy them than with a meal which would let your enjoy all the dim sum you could have to your heart's content! 


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Luckily, you wouldn't have to go too far from Makati when searching for the best place to enjoy dim sum as Makati Shangri-La's Dim Sum Plus Promo will treat you with all-you-can-eat dim sum and more at the Shang Palace!

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What makes this promo even better is that they will be putting it on a 4-day voucher sale where dim sum lovers can avail it for only P868 net instead of paying for the regular-price P1094 net. Guests may purchase the vouchers from July 28 to 31 at the Shang Palace, and can be availed from July 31 to September 30, 2018, Mondays to Saturdays, from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. 

The promo lets diners choose from and enjoy from the 18 kinds of Dim Sum they have available. The selection includes Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, Hakaw, Pork Dumplings, Pork Buns, and more. These come in full-sized serving, with either 3 or 4 pieces each, making it also good for sharing with the people you're dining with. 

Steamed Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumplings
Steamed Barbecue Pork Buns
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Spinach Dumplings Stuffed With Shrimps 

Aside from their dim sum, diners also get to choose their appetizer, one main dish, one main dish, one soup (Soup of the Day, Sichuan-style Hot and Sour Soup, and Sweet Corn Soup with Shredded Chicken), and a dessert of choice per person, as well as an appetizer to start their feast. Here are some of the dishes you just need to try for when you're in Shang Palace: 

Deep-fried ham shui kok (glutinous rice dumplings) stuffed with minced pork and chicken
Deep-fried Taro Puffs with Diced Scallops
Sweet and Sour Pork
Kung Po Stir-Fried Chicken

For dessert, diners may pick from Shang Palace's Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Diced Mango, Almond Soya Jelly with Lychee, and Deep Fried Stuffed Sesame Balls in Lotus Paste. However, for those who would rather have fruits after a really filling meal, they could always go for their Season Fresh Fruit Platter. 

Chilled mango puree with sago and diced mango; almond soya jelly with lychee
Deep Fried Stuffed Sesame Balls in Lotus Paste.

Shang Palace' Dim Sum Plus Voucher Sale will be happening from July 28 to 31. The voucher can be available from July 31 to September 30, Mondays to Saturdays, from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. 

For more information, you may check out Makati Shangri-La's website and Facebook page. 

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