This Filipino Food Festival Features Eat-All-You-Can Dishes by Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras

For the next ten days until July 1, the 'Filipino Culinary Pride' buffet highlights masterpieces by two master chefs: Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras. This limited run Filipino food festival will take place at Corniche, the signature buffet restaurant of Diamond Hotel Philippines. Now, while buffet restaurants are aplenty in the metro and we are spoiled for choice, it's not every day that you'll have one top chef at the helm of the buffet spread -- what more two of the most notable Filipino culinary personalities? This festival celebrates Filipino flavor as interpreted by Chef Sau in his savory dishes and Chef Miko in his decadent (and highly Instagrammable) desserts. 

Chef Sau del Rosario
Chef Miko Aspiras

Now foodies have a chance to have unlimited returns to enjoy the chef-curated Filipino food stations for both lunch and dinnertime at the hotel -- eleven days to savor the many flavors and textures of Filipino food in its modern interpretations that proudly declare that yes, Filipino is worth dining for.

Here's a sneak peek of just a few of the dishes Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras have in store for the guests who will partake of the Filipino Culinary Pride buffet:

Tamales Pampanguena by Chef Sau del Rosario

Chef Sau del Rosario will helm unique and avant-garde Filipino appetizers and mains at Corniche, including his signature dishes that his longtime patrons love.

Bulanglang (Pampangueño Sinigang in Guava Broth)
Salted Eggyolk Prawn Rebosado
Crispy Pork Kare-Kare Macadamia with truffle oil
Duck Adobo Confit
Lechon Belly (Porchetta) stuffed with semi-sweet Malagos Chocolate and chèvre (goat's milk cheese, served with a thick sauce with balsamic

There will be many dishes showcased at the food festival and will be in rotation, so every single day would feature a different mix of savory food from Chef Sau, and sweets from Chef Miko. Other dishes by Chef Sau to look forward to include Oyster Ceviche with coconut cream, calamansi, and sprinkled with homemade chicharon; classic Maya Maya Mayonesa with aioli, capers, black olives, eggs and spices; Paku with Kesong Puti and Watermelon, Pampanga ferns with palm vinegar and salted egg; Sisig Paella, Sinigang Flan, Bangus Relleno, and Lamb Adobo with Garlic Confits.

You know what they say -- always have room for dessert -- but in this case, when it's award-winning Chef Miko Aspiras creating and curating the sweets, better make that room extra spacious. Don't forget to take photos of his desserts before you devour them, they're that 'too pretty to eat' kind of food but of course, eat you must.

'Mansanas' is an apple-shaped creation made of dulce de leche and cinnamon mousse with a Granny Smith apple compote center
Chef Miko's 'Cherry' is an ode to the Filipinos' love for Black Forest cakes--it features layers of chocolate sponge, cherry mousse, and cherry chantilly.  
Keso de Bola Macaron: a sweet and salty macaron made from Marca Pato queso de bola
Have a slice of this Giant Ube Ensaymada, Chef Miko's nod to the hotel's signature pastry, which he serves with a twist
The Giant Ube Ensaymada will be flourished at the live station--it will be served with a flambéed morada and rosella (flower) sauce

Other blissful sweet endings at the food festival include Chef Miko's Mandarin Cheesecake garnished with fresh orange segments; Dayap in coconut mousse with dayap curd dipped in praline cocos, a zero-waste Ice Cream that features assorted breads, pastries, fruit peels and dried fruits from the buffet (odds and ends that that would initially be 'scraps' now add texture and flavor to ice cream), Grape Choux, and more.

In his quest to promote sustainable food, Chef Miko has created a 'Zero-Waste' Ice Cream

Filipino Culinary Pride, a Filipino Food Festival at Diamond Hotel featuring Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras will run until July 1, 2018, at Corniche restaurant priced at P2,780 nett per person. For reservations, call 528-3000 at loc. 1121. Guests may purchase vouchers for the food festival via Diamond Hotel is located at Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila.

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