'Taft Food By The Court' is the Newest Hangout Spot for Every Foodie Squad

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From the team behind Buendia Food by the Court comes Taft Food by the Court, the very first of its kind in Pasay. Just like its older brother in Buendia, it aims to bring together two of the Filipinos' favorite pastime - eating and basketball. 

The perfect hangout spot for barkadas who love food and shooting hoops, this food park has 10 food stalls which has everything from Filipino comfort food to Korean barbecue. It also has 3 courts (2 of which are already operational) that basketball and volleyball teams could rent out to practice, and maybe even to hold their competitions. Rates are at P1,000/hour without lights, P1,200/hour with lights, and an additional P150 for the hourly use of the shotclock. 

Aside from the stalls which have already opened, Taft Food By The Court is also planning to open 7 more stalls in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here are the different food stalls and the dishes you should definitely check out when you visit the area: 

Filipino Kuxina Fusion

Crispy Kare-Kare (P155)

If you're all for homey Filipino dishes, Kuxina is a must-try as they serve your favorite Filipino ulam with their own take on it. Aside from their Crispy Kare-Kare, they also have Fried Sinigang and Tapaleng which is served in small woks and on top of a warm cup of rice. 


Honky's Grill 

Grilled Platter 

For the barkadas who love to share their food, Honky's Grill focuses on serving grilled dishes like barbecue, liempo, and even longganisa. While you can order a skewer or two from them, you could also opt to have their grilled platter or their group meals served on a banana leaf for a complete and a filling experience! 


Bastino's Bagnet

Bastino's Boodle Fight (P485)
Bagnet Steak with Mushroom Sauce (P190)

Just like Honky's Grill, Bastino's Bagnet also serves boodle platter perfect for the hungry barkada as it's complete with rice, fried tilapia, longganisa, grilled and steamed vegetables, and - of course - bagnet. They also have ala carte meals like the Bagnet Steak with Mushroom Sauce, Bagnet Sinigang, and more which is probably the most sinful think you'd try at the food park. 


Seafood Grill by Raine Cravebites

Grilled Seafood Platter (P250)

For everything seafood, there's the Seafood Grill to satisfy your cravings. Choose from their individual platters, or if you can't decide which seafood you'd like to have that day, you may also try their Grilled Seafood Platter which has everything from shrimp to crabs, mussels, tilapia, and squid. 


C&T Korean Food Hub

Army Stew

Craving for some samgyupsal? C&T Korean Food Hub has the fix for it! Depending on how hungry you are, you get to choose if you want it unlimited (with unlimited rice and banchan) or not (served with rice and 2 banchan). Also available are Gimbap, Bibimbap, and Go Ju-chang Chicken if you want a variety of Korean dishes. 


By the Border

Beef Pizza Taco (P225)
Quesadilla (P109 to P185)

Serving TexMex cuisine, By the Border serves some of everyone's favorite comfort food including Nachos which you can get solo or for sharing, Quesadilla, Tacos (soft shell, hard shell, street), Burrito, Pizza Taco, and even rice plates like peri-peri chicken and fajitas. They also have combo dishes for anyone who's not good at deciding which to get. 



Shrimp and Octopus Takoyaki (P130 for 6 pieces)

Dondon's is all about Japanese food, and while there, make sure to try out their Takoyaki which you can have with shrimp or with octopus (maybe even both!). Also available is their Tonkatsu served with rice and soup for P155. 


Tipsy Cow

Whole Roast Chicken (P265)

Another stall with something that's good to share with the whole squad is Tipsy Cow where you can get a whole roast chicken. Also available here are chicken rice meals, shawarma, and shawarma rice meals for those who are dining with a smaller group of people. 


Malukko Milk Tea and Frappe

Malukko Frappe (Groupie) 

The best drink to have in the middle of summer, Malukko's drinks are something that anyone who's looking for something sweet and refreshing must try. Here, they serve milk tea and frappe which you can have in two sizes: Selfie if you want their drinks to yourself and Groupie if you want to share it with friends. Some of the flavors you need to tr are their Wintermelon Milktea, Toffee Vanilla Milktea, Black Forest Frappe, and Double Dutch Frappe. 


Taft Food By the Court is at 2703 Taft Ave. cor. F. Sanchez St., Pasay City. For more information, check out their Facebook and Instagram page. 

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