'Made Nice Supper Club' Wakes Up Earlier to Feed Makati Their New Lunch Menu

Made Nice Supper Club has been one of Makati's not-so-secret but low key dinner date destinations -- the restaurant look and feel is pretty simple and doesn't scream for attention, but its plates of food are beautiful, making meals here special. The supper club has recently extended its operating hours, opening its doors for the lunch crowd, and Legazpi Village community is all the better for it. Now, Made Nice isn't just for special evenings, but it's also for anyone craving a hearty, comforting, and fresh midday meal that they can look forward to (and crave for) regularly.

From hefty sandwiches, rice meals, to fresh pasta, there is a lot to appreciate and deliciously digest at Made Nice for lunchtime. Here's a look at some of the new dishes on their lunch menu:

Mexican Salad (P280) with sour cream and cilantro, and Fig Salad (P410) with guanciale and tahini

For those who want to start their day fresh, their salad bowls are now available for lunch, like the refreshing Fig Salad (P410) with guanciale and tahini, and the Mexican Salad (P280) with sour cream and cilantro that fills up the belly real quick. Made Nice also assembles pretty awesome sandwiches for lunch, offering classic fillings in between bread like Tuna Sandwich (P280) with egg and fontina in crunchy, crusty sourdough served with fries, and a sinful Croque Madame (P285) in sourdough, with cheese and forest ham tucked inside the sandwich and a runny egg as its crown (pierce the egg with a fry and use it as dipping sauce). Their version of the Chicken Sandwich (P285) is an absolute treat, the fat chunks of chicken juicy and crisp meeting the refreshing zing of mango, coleslaw, and pickles. Tucking in this sandwich was comforting in every big bite.

Tuna Sandwich (P280)
Croque Madame (P285)
Chicken Sandwich (P285)

Always a highlight when dining at Made Nice is letting your fork travel from one pasta dish to another, as pasta here is always made fresh, and you can see them kneading dough and creating different pasta strands and shapes from their open kitchen. Here, their pasta Bolognese (P490) comes in the form of ravioli, with USDA Blend stuffed inside along with emmental and gruyere. Gnocchi (P200), is a balance of soft and chewy, the tiny potato nuggets gently embraced with cream, parmesan, and truffle. Carbonara (P420) is a simple classic here, using tagliolini, and tossing in parmesan, guanciale, and duck egg yolk altogether. Another simple classic that lets its fresh pasta shine is their Alfredo (P230) tagliatelle in cream and butter, its flavors honest and delicious. Other must-tries and personal favorites are the tangy, tomatoey Garganelli (P280) in pomodoro, onion, and xousemade XO; and the luscious Uni (P335) tagliolini in cream and white wine topped with tempura crisps for added texture.

Chef Raulito Fores is at the helm of Made Nice's pasta program
Alfredo (P230)
Uni Tagliolini (P335)

For protein-forward mains, Made Nice's lunch menu does not disappoint -- it balances both the cravings for familiar comfort food with mastery in technique and flavor, and this is what really makes this establishment nice. It's reliable and comforting, yet delivers food with its crisp, clean, and modern sensibilities. Their Squid (P395) for instance, is calamares unlike any other. Thick slices of the supple seafood are plated beautifully but with purpose, the squid ink lending deeper flavor while a vinegar based sauce adds zing, and the topping of curry leaves lends a fresh crispness. Their bowl of Oyakodon (P320) topped with chicken and egg and flavored with teriyaki is something one can crave for on a regular basis, and same can be said with their Pork Belly (P395) bowl with egg and vegetables. For a lunch menu, this selection of familiar and flavorful meals is solid and can easily attract repeat customers for their nice and approachable appeal. And speaking of approachable, nothing beats the comfort of good old fried Chicken (P350), and Made Nice makes this dish nicer by serving it properly cooked (crisp skin, juicy and flavorful meat) alongside rice and a lipsmacking gravy. The kid in you will definitely enjoy emptying this plate clean.

Squid (P395)
Oyakodon (P320)
Pork Belly (P395)
Chicken (P350)

For dessert, Made Nice's lunch menu keeps it simple yet delicious, still. Their Banana Pudding (P215) has got to be one of the best in town -- it tastes as if it's created by your favorite aunt, made with love and only the best ingredients.  The sweetness never cloys, and the combinaiton of vanilla, biscuits, and cream is something you will not tire of. Another lunchtime dessert best served with some coffee or tea is their Bread Pudding (P325) -- this version is drier compared to the classic banana pudding, a stack of sourdough cubes topped with milk and a refreshing chestnut ice cream. The sweetness is just right and won't tackle you into a food coma, which is just right for middday treat.

Banana Pudding (P215)
Bread Pudding (P325)

Made Nice Supper Club is located at the ground floor of Planters Products Inc. Building, 109 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday (11:30am-2:30pm and 6pm-10pm) and Sunday (11am-3pm). Closed on Mondays. Follow Made Nice on Facebook (/MadeNicePH) and Instagram (@madeniceph) for more information.

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