Pompoms: Redefining the French Fry by Cooking it Thrice



French Fries

Ask anyone what their go-to comfort snack is and you're sure to get French fries one way or another. And with the many stalls out there serving these deep fried delights, it's already quite hard to find a new one that would top everyone's favorites.

Then enters Pompoms, a new store in Robinsons Place Manila, which lets its diners mix and match their fries with their own blend of unique powders and sauces. The store opened just last January, but it has already gained a following from people who just can't get enough of too much fries.

Fries are made differently here at Pompoms as everything they're serving are made in-house and using only locally-sourced potatoes. Delivered still covered in dirt to maintain its moisture, these potatoes are then cleaned and cut manually before they're steamed, fried at a low temperature, frozen, and fried again as soon as they're ordered. This results to fries that are crispy on the outside, but soft and mushy on the inside, making it unlike any other fries you'd find in the market.

Pompoms fries are served in paper cones, and diners get to pick from three different sizes of fries - Smallin' (P95), Tallin' (P129), and Ballin' (P169). This already comes with a complimentary sauce or powder which may be Ketchup Powder, Pom Pinakurat, or Ketchup Sauce.Not feeling like having anything on your fries? You can also have them plain and salted, and it will still be just as good and as flavorful!

Plain Tallin' Fries
Tallin' Fries with Smokey BBQ Powder

If you don't feel like having any of the three complimentary add-ons, there are also other powders and sauces to choose from. While they have your classic Cheese, Smokey BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion powders, Pompoms also introduces their Vinegar and Furikake Seaweed powders which would could just be your new favorite flavor when it comes to this comfort food. You can have these added to your fries for only P10.

For an even better upgrade, you can try dipping your fries into one (P15) or two (P25) of their sauces! Of course, you'd find Signature Mayo, Gravy, Ketchup, and BBQ here, but we recommend for you to try their more unique sauces like K-Pop (which tastes just like gochujang), Garlic Aioli, Samurai, Green Velvet, and Pom Pinakurat which is their take on our local spiced vinegar. You may also opt to dip fries and chicken poppers on their Four Cheese Sauce which you can get for P40.

Chicken Poppers

Pompoms also just recently rolled out their Chicken Poppers (P169 for Smallin'; P219 for Tallin'; and P279 for Ballin') for anyone looking for a heavier snack. A cone of this goodness will treat you with not only some tender chicken pops but also with bits of chicken skin for that extra crunch. Just like their fries, you can get these plain or with a combination of the powders and sauces they have available, so feel free to mix and match depending on your palate!

Longsi Fries

Those looking for a heavier meal may also try Pompoms' Longsi Fries (P179) which feels like your regular longsilog but with fries replacing the rice. Topped with fried egg and bits of garlicky longganisa, this dish is also served with their Pom Pinakurat sauce to dip everything into. Yes, it may seem like a weird thing to do (Really? Vinegar on my fries?!), but it really makes sense once you try and have a taste of it for yourself!

Some of the other toppings you may try from them are: Fried Chicken Poutine (P199) with chicken, chicken skin, gravy, and cheese, and Pulled Pork Fries (P199) with Pork, BBQ sauce, and fried onions.

Whether it's for the students who need a quick snack during their free period, or for those who want to satisfy their deep fried cravings, Pompoms is a must-try as it serves a better cooked version your old school fries, and also lets you have fun combining an assortment of flavors you wouldn't have thought would go better together.


Pompoms is at Ground Level, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila in Ermita, Manila. For more information, you may check out their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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