Now Open: UNLI. in Teacher's Village, QC

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Where would P299 take you? This is where: 

UNLI in Quezon City is a fairly new spot which opened just a few months ago to serve hungry souls with an unlimited fill of all the good things for a price that won't drill a hole in your pockets. 

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For only P299, diners already get to enjoy all the wings, pizza, pasta, shrimp, and rice that they want. They also get free-flowing drinks, making it a complete meal for anyone dining in! 

Photo: Unli/Facebook

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Photo: Unli/Facebook

Rates are at P299 for adults, P188 for kids, and P240 for PWD and Senior Citizens. The catch? Well, there's a 2-hour time limit implemented, and they also have a "No sharing, no leftover" rule, as most buffets do.

Unli also decided to only accept reservations beforehand, as they have been receiving a huge number of people who want to try out the sulit deal since they opened. To have your slots reserved, all you have to do is to keep checking back on their official Facebook page where they make announcements on the earliest date and timeslots available. 


Unli is at 27 Mayaman St., UP Teachers' Village, Quezon City, Philippines, 

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