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Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine


Chá giò

Stepping inside Nhà Em would instantly transport you to Vietnam — from the food to the décor to the music. Translating to "my home," this restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine, that is prepared with love, allows guest to experience and enjoy every dish in a Vietnamese home setting.

Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura TaguigImage: Nha Em

The inspiration of the restaurant came from Mitzi Nguyen who is married to a Filipino-Vietnamese and learned to prepare the family's favorite dishes from her mother-in-law. Whenever she goes to Vietnam, she sees to it that she dines with families feasting over home cooked meals. But, you don't need to travel all the way to Vietnam just to have a taste of their flavorful food. Here are a few must-try dishes if ever you find yourself at the newest restaurant at SM Aura:

A popular Vietnamese comfort food, each bite of the Chả Giò (P240) or fried spring rolls reveals a burst of flavors from the minced pork, mushrooms and rice noodles. Enjoy it as it is or wrap it in fresh lettuce and dip in their own mix of fish sauce, called nước mắm, that's extremely addictive. If you prefer something fresh, you would love the Gỏi Cuốn (P220) which are traditional fresh spring rolls with stuffings like pork, prawn, vegetables and rice vermicelli wrapped in rice paper. It's light, fresh and full of texture from the soft rice paper and crunch from the fresh vegetables used.

Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Chả Giò
Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Gỏi Cuốn

Is it really a Vietnamese restaurant without a good bowl of Pho? There are no shortcuts in making a bowl of this soup. At Nha Em, their hearty soup is simmered for over 10 hours to bring out different flavors. A bowl of Phở Bo (P305) has a generous serving of tender beef and fresh vegetables. Want some heat in your food? Order the Bún Bò Huế (P335) which is a spicy and pork noodle soup. Pick your pho!

Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Phở Bo
Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Bún Bò Huế

A French-inspired Viet cuisine, Bò Lúc Lắc (P380) also known as shaking beef is a serving of cubed beef that are extremely tender sautéed with red and green bell pepper, white onions, pepper and soy sauce. For seafood, there's the Tôm Kho Tàu (P550) which is a huge plate of river prawns tossed in roe sauce. Sinful but definitely worth it! The most fragrant dish is the Mực Xào Sả Ớt (P325): tender squid with curry, lemongrass and a hint of chili. Make sure you aren't on a diet because you won't be able to resist getting a cup or two of rice, especially with all the savory sauces!

Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Bò Lúc Lắc
Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Tôm Kho Tàu
Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Mực Xào Sả Ớt

There's nothing like a strong brew to get through the day. The Cà phê sữa đá (P115) is made using medium to coarse ground dark roast with a small metal drip filter into a cup of condensed milk. This may be served hot or cold, depending on your preference.

Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Cà phê sữa đá

Vietnamese desserts are known to be refreshing, enough to cleanse your palate. Try the Sửa Chữa (P50) which is not your typical yogurt, and a sort of healthy way to end your meal. It has condensed milk that's why it's sweeter than the usual and tangy that would remind you of greek yogurt. There's also the Bánh Flan (P65), a custard dessert that's smooth, creamy but not too sweet. Perfect if you want dessert but want to veer away from too much sugar.

Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Sửa Chữa
Nha Em Vietnamese Cuisine SM Aura Taguig
Bánh Flan


Nhà Em Vietnamese Cuisine is located at 5th Level, Sky Garden, SM Aura Premier McKinley Parkway corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. They're open daily from 10am to 11pm. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to stay updated.

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