7 Dishes You Crave For During the Rainy Days and Where To Find Them in Metro Manila

True, rain can be a bummer but it can be comforting too if you see it from a different perspective. Just imagine all the warm, sweet and savory dishes you can indulge in! Take advantage of the cool breeze and rain in Manila, here are a few of our favorite rainy day eats that will surely warm you up:


A sweet chocolate rice porridge using malagkit (glutinous rice) and cacao powder or blocks is everyone's childhood favorite. It is usually served with milk and sugar to make it sweeter. Make sure you pair it with some tuyo (dried fish) and you're good to go!


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Where to get it: Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo (P80) at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast; Champorado (P210) at Sentro 1771; Yin & Yang Champorado (P275) at Early Bird Breakfast Club


This might not be a traditional Filipino dish but it sure does have a lot of Filipino fans. Slurp on this Japanese dish which usually has toppings like sliced pork, dried seaweed, green onions and soft-boiled egg in tonkotsu (pork bone broth) or miso. It is usually served as shown on the menu or you can customize it as you please. Order a side of gyoza or karaage and you're meal is complete!

Where to get it: Butao (P390) at Ramen Nagi; Karaka-men (P400) at Ippudo; Tantanmen (P440) at Mendokoro Ramenba


A beef dish with a light-colored soup and rich bone marrow chunks that everyone wants on their plate. It usually has corn on the cob coins, diced potatoes, pepper and pechay that's boiled together with the beef shanks until tender and the flavor has incorporated well with each other. It isn't really that hard to look for a good bulalo, and we're sure you love it!


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Where to get it: Bulalo Special (P319) at R&J Bulalohan and Tapsilogan; Bulalo (P340) at Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulalohan; Bulalo at Cafe Via Mare (P485)

Bonus: In case you find yourself in Tagaytay or Batangas, there's LZM Restaurant and Rose & Grace Restaurant which are just some of the famous restaurants serving a good bowl of bulalo

La Paz Batchoy

A specialty dish from La Paz in Iloilo, it is a noodle soup made with pork offals, beef loin, miki noodles in chicken stock and topped with crushed chicharon (pork cracklings) for added texture and flavor.


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Where to get it: Super La Paz Batchoy at Deco's Original La Paz Batchoy; Lechong Batchoy (P235) at Manam; Sarsa Batchoy Special (P285) at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar



Goto, lugaw, arroz caldo or congee. Yes, we're a little confused as to what to refer it since it goes by many names, depending on the meat used. But whatever you want to call it, a warm bowl of this rice porridge is the way to go for the rainy days. It can have different kinds of toppings like tripe, chicken, pork, fish, egg, garlic, ginger and usually seasoned with patis (fish sauce), pepper, chili and calamansi. A serving of it is a meal on its own but it's also best paired with a side of tokwa't baboy, a pork and tofu dish in a special soy sauce mixture!


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Where to get it: Kim Kardashian at Goto Believe; Pork Bagnet Lugaw (P95) at Goto Monster; Halo-Halo Congee (P125/regular; P205/large) at Luk Yuen


Are you one of the few who think that this should be the national dish? Sinigang is a sour and savory soup using tamarind, santol, kamias or guava as its souring agent. The meat used varies: fish, pork, beef, shrimp or chicken with assorted fresh vegetables such as gabi, eggplant, kangkong and okra. It is such a versatile dish; you can add any protein or vegetables to your liking and it will work. One sip will surely remind you of home, wherever you eat it.


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Where to get it: Sinigang na Ulo at Tyan ng Salmon (P370) at Max's Restaurant,  Kurubota Sinigang (P475) at Mamou, Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon (P245/S; P455/M; P775/L) at Manam


It's not lomi without the egg noodles and the soup's thick texture! A bowl of this piping hot dish usually has pieces of pork and thinly-sliced pork liver, cabbage and egg. Batangas lomi usually don't skimp on the toppings; it can range from chicharon to kikiam and fishballs to shrimp.


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Where to get it: Batangas Lomi (P65/regular; P105/special) at Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo; Lomi (P110/small; P150/big) at Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant


What do you usually crave for when it's raining? Let us know in the comments!

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