Elait Ice Cream Rolls Brings The Asian Street Food Dessert to Century City Mall, Makati


Ice Cream & Yogurt

Bringing you Southeast Asia’s artisanal hand-rolled ice cream is Elait in Century City Mall, Makati. Now rolling out dessert that originated from the streets of Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand, this recently-opened stall aims to give you a new and unique ice cream experience with a selection of both usual and quirky flavors.

Elait at Century City Mall, Makati

These tasty cold treat is made by crushing the mixers and stirring it along with a custard or yogurt base. Spread onto a teppan or iced grill, the hardened base is then scraped and rolled to fit in a cup before adding the toppings and drizzle. 

At P180/cup, you get to choose from twelve different flavors, all of which are specially-made in front of you! You also have the option as to whether you want your base to be made of custard or of yogurt. Some of the flavors they have are Chocolate Overload, Ube Flan, Banana Elvis, Bacon Brickle (yep, with real bacon!), Strawberry Trifle, All That Junk, and Salted Egg Surprise. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you may opt to make your own hand-rolled ice cream at the same price! This includes your base, 2 mixers, 2 toppings, and 1 drizzle.

All That Junk Elait
All That Junk [Custard-based ice cream with Oreo, potato chips, pretzel, M&Ms, chocolate vermicelli, and chocolate drizzle]
Strawberry Triffle Elait
Strawberry Trifle [Yogurt-based ice cream with strawberries, cream cheese, almonds, lady fingers, condensed milk, and straawberry drizzle]

By purchasing a cup of their dessert goodness, you get to support not only the local dairy product industry (the products they use are all sourced from the Philippines!), but also those who put in the effort to serve you the best hand-rolled ice cream you could have. Elait partners with the Philippine Deaf Community in their team, so try to communicate with their staff through the Basic Sign Language sheet provided when placing your orders.

Ube Flan Elait
Ube Flan [Custard-based ice cream with ube, leche flan, and pinipig crunch]
Salted Egg Surprise Elait
Salted Egg Suprise [Curstard-based ice cream with tomato jam, caramel, popcorn, and salted egg]

Which flavor are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments! 


Elait is located at 2/F Century City Mall in Makati City. For more information, you may like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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Ice Cream & Yogurt
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