Exciting Eats: A Guide to the first ever food park in Makati, Buendia Food By The Court

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Makati, we know you've been waiting for a food park to pop up somewhere in the neighborhood. Well, I know I have been! With new food concepts cropping up at every corner of the city, foodies now have so much to choose from. The people from SUDECO (Subic Bay Development & Industrial Estate Corporation) decided to create something that's quite different from the growing number of food parks in the Metro.

Buendia Food by the Court, the newest and first food park in Makati combines two Filipino favorites – food and basketball. Not only it is the first food park in Makati, it is also the first ever food park which has a basketball court. So whether you want to burn calories or just want to meet up with friends over good food, Buendia Food by the Court is your place to be.

Although the basketball court is a stunner, the highlight still is the well-curated food concepts. Visiting soon? Here's a complete guide to the first food park in Makati: 

Bakmi Nyonya

Nasig Goreng with Sate
Beef Rendang
Bakmi Goreng

No wonder it was an instant favorite. Bakmi Nyonya won the Next Big Food Entrepreneur in 2014 with their Indonesian food. They offer popular Indonesian eats like the Bakmi Goreng (P140/egg+vegies; P150/chicken; P160/shrimp; P170/combi) and Nasi Goreng that's full of flavor. And you can not miss on the tender Beef Rendang (P170) which is a personal favorite. It has chunks of beef cooked in coconut milk, galanggal and Indo spices.

Barrel Smoker

Smoked Riblets
Peri Peri Chicken

If it isn't smoked, it really isn't legit barbecue. At Barrel Smoker, they swear by their Smoked Riblets (P185) which has a Memphis dry rub slathered with their own hickory sauce and comes with turmeric rice. You also shouldn't miss out on the Smoked Peri Peri Chicken (P165/small; P185/large)! What sets them apart is the use of a conventional steel drum morphed into their very own smoker. So yes, they smoke their meats at the food park!

BMW Burgers Meet Wings

Build Your Own Burger starts at P175
[L-R] Pink Burger (fish fillet), Blue Burger (beef), Yellow Burger (grilled chicken), Green Burger (mushroom pattie)

Two of your favorite comfort food in one shack. BMW which stands for Burgers Meet Wings offers an interesting assortment of burgers which can be differentiated by the color of the buns. If you're feeling a little adventurous, choose from pink (strawberry), yellow (lemon), green (pandan malunggay), blue (blueberry). If you want the classic burger, there's also one in an original bun. What's great is you can build your own burger for only P175! They also have fried chicken wings and rice toppings if you're not feeling the burgers. 

Goto Pinoy
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Gotong Chicken Skin
Champorado with Bacon

If you're looking for your traditional Filipino food favorites, Goto Pinoy has almost everything you're craving for. They take pride on their Goto (P100) lineup which is an old family recipe, using a homemade broth giving it a distinct flavor topped with different Pinoy favorites like adobong manok, bulalo, chicken skin and more. Another must-try is the classic Champorado with Bacon (P90) finished off with crumbs of oreo, chocnut and powdered milk.

Jack's Joint
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Ox Brain
Strawberry Yogurt

Jack's Joint has an expansive menu of Turkish cuisine. Whether its kebab or shawarma, you'll sure to find them all here. What they push really is the Ox Brain (P120) which is an exquisite dish with a mushy texture and is spicy. A must-try is their Kebab (P140/chicken; P160/beef; P195/lamb; P210/special), cubes of meat marinated and cooked with vegetables in a skewer served with buttered rice or pita bread. Make sure you down everything with their selection of Yogurt Shakes which I'm certain I'll go back for more. You can choose from plain (P75) or flavored (P85) such as mango, banana or strawberry. 

KorVits Grill

Adobong Kambing
Kilawin Kambing

It can be a little overwhelming but once you take a bite, the taste will definitely make you say "wow." If you need to load up on protein but would rather have some with less saturated fat and lower cholesterol, KorVits Grill has your back. Their Adobong Kambing (P155) and Kilawin Kambing (P135) are just a few of their must-tries on the menu. 


Beef Quesadilla
Cheesy Mari

A Filipino-Mexican stall, their Cheesy Mari (P220) which is a 7-cheese nachos is the perfect pica pica if you're a cheese addict. You can also find classic Mexican dishes like Quesadillas (P120/cheese; P130/chicken; P130/beef; P140/carne asada) and yes, Churros as well! They also serve their own blend of iced tea (P40/single; P85/bowl). They will also be adding tacos, burritos, mojitos and so much more on their menu.

Little Kodo

Pork Ramen

Who can ever say no to Japanese? At Little Kodo, you'll find all your Japanese food favorites at a price you'll enjoy. There's the Ramen (P150) where you can choose from pork or chicken in a shoyu broth and the Takoyaki (P70) which has minced vegetables and bits of octopus that's perfect for snacking. They also have Japanese pancakes, Bento Meals and Japanese rice toppings!

Mad Subs
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MAD Taco Sub
Pesto Chicken Sub

A no frills dining experience and is straightforward with their subs, a must-try is the MAD Taco Sub (P130) which has 100% beef slow cooked in Mexican spices sitting on fresh lettuce and shredded cheese tucked in a lightly toasted 6-inch soft roll bread. They also have a Sub of the Week, which in our case, was the Pesto Chicken. Other than the sandwiches, they also have rice meals like Beef Gyudon, Chicken Katsu and they serve Gyozas as well.

Rojak Salad

Rojak Salad

They're simple, fresh and tasty. At this stall, they serve only one dish... the Rojak Salad which is a Malaysian spicy fruit salad which Filipinos, too, would love. It has pineapples, turnip, mango, cucumber tossed in a spicy peanut butter sauce and topped with more crushed nuts. 

Shang Kee
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Chicken Teriyaki
Peppery Beef

Oh, these fluffy steamed buns was surely a hit at the opening! These Chinese buns are steamed mantou bread where you can choose your own filling (P80/1 variant; P150/2 variants) – pork belly, pulled pork, chicken teriyaki, pulled chicken, crispy chicken, peppery beef or crispy pork chop. 

Sisig MNL

Classic Sisig
Maling Sisig

From the same guys behind LaMexa, SisigMNL serves a mean sisig that's spicy and perfectly paired with rice. Make sure you have a glass of cold water within reach since the Classic Sisig can really get a little hot. They also have a unique Maling Sisig served with rice and a side of itlog na maalat!


Tapa with rice
Tapa Carbonara

Known for their USDA premium beef tapa, it already has received various awards from magazines and food conventions in the Metro. They're proud of their tapa that's 100% homemade and has no added preservatives. Enjoy their Tapa Rice Bowl (P100), fried rice topped with USDA tapa bits that have been fried to bacon-like texture. Get addicted on their Tapa Carbonara which uses tapa instead of bacon for a different kind of crunch.


Buendia Food by the Court is located at 24 Sen. G. Puyat Avenue corner Bautista Street, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City. They're open 5pm to 12mn daily. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for exclusive updates. 


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