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Don’t know what gifts to give out for Christmas to make it extra special? Well, we’ve got good news: this December, world-class Hokkaido-based luxury chocolatier Royce’ Chocolates is launching limited edition Christmas items for all your wish list fulfillment needs! ‘Tis the season for giving, so gift your loved ones with only the most decadent treats: Royce’ Chocolates.

If you are searching for the ultimate manifestation of Christmas festivity, go for Royce’ Decoration Ball: a container of Pure Chocolate and R Chocolat that doubles as a decorative ornament for your Christmas tree. You can even leave the goodies inside and give friends and family the unique experience of plucking their chocolates from the branch of a pine tree.

The Christmas Happy Selection, meanwhile, would surely be a delight to spot under the tree. An assortment of goodies packaged in a Yuletide-themed tin can that you can use even after the holidays are over. Picking this up would be a great opportunity to sample several of Royce’s year-round offerings: their Potechi, R Chocolat, and Pure Chocolate, which also comes in its own Christmas variation. But because it’s a special occasion, Royce’ has also included a holiday-specific product in this package— the Strawberry Chocolate Wafer.

The Christmas Selection comes in a red and green box that comes in two sizes and carries some of Royce’s most popular items: Pure Chocolate, R Chocolat, Amande, the Fruity and Nutty Bars, Petite Kurumaro, and Chocolate Wafer.

This year, the Christmas Popcorn Chocolate is also making a debut and kids are sure to get crazy over this crunchy caramel flavored popcorn.

And of course, what’s Christmas without cookies? Royce’ Christmas Cookies are half-coated with milk chocolate and designed with Christmastime motifs. On the other hand, if you’re craving cookies with nutty undertones and variety in texture, then go for Royce’s Christmas Baton Cookies. The hints of roasted coconut in the cookie dough make these holiday staples smell absolutely divine.

So make sure to celebrate Christmas with Royce’: this season’s limited edition chocolates are specially made to help you make your holidays truly memorable.

Royce’ limited edition Christmas chocolates are available for purchase at Royce’ shops in Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Eastwood Mall, and The Podium while supplies last. Follow Royce’ on Facebook (@RoyceChocolatesPH) and Instagram (@roycechocolateph) for more details.

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