Man vs Food: A Guide to Grub Hub, Quezon City's newest food park offering you a different experience

Grub Hub prides itself as the hippest and trippiest food park in the metro. They have a number of hobbit holes which houses all the different food choices to choose from and every corner is picture perfect as well. But, how is Grub Hub really different from all the other existing food parks? This could be the very first food park which offers an indoor area, a quieter and a cooler place where you can enjoy your food. Perfect if you're with the family or with the barkada looking to just chill with unlimited food and drink section to choose from. 

The food park has three different areas; the Junkyard which houses most of the recycled materials from their old restaurant, the Greenhouse which is the air-conditioned part and features an indoor garden with wooden accents and the Hippieyard featuring hanging colorful lanterns and an area where budding artists can perform at when there are events. 


There will be a total of 19 food options opening before the year ends but we tried the 15 food hobbit holes which were open on our visit to give you all the can't-miss eats and drinks when you visit Grub Hub:

Aji Sushi

A Japanese food experience like no other. Serving classics like the breaded deep fried pork cutlet Tonkatsu (P199), Chicken Teriyaki (P205) sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds and Tofu Teriyaki (P105) tossed in a special teriyaki sauce, they take pride on their rolls where they put a little twist on. The Cheetos Roll (P139) for one has spicy tuna, cream cheese, bacon and crushed Cheetos mixed with Japanese mayo topped with, yes, more Cheetos! If you want something that's a little familiar, the Alaska Roll (P149) has tuna, cream cheese and ebiko mixed with spicy mayo and cream cheese on top.

Tofu Teriyaki

Big Tummiez

Serving waffles, ice cream and churros; if you have a sweet tooth, this one's going to be an instant favorite. Order some classic Churros (P125) topped with your choice of ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup or a serving of sweet and refreshing Banana Caramel Waffle (P120) topped with a scoop of your choice of ice cream as well. They also have something salty and savory for you to enjoy while you're at it. Get the Twister or the Tornado Dog 



A familiar stall and an old favorite, the guys at Brook's have expanded offering the same comfort food favorites we've tried and loved – the Beef Chimichanga (P180) and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger (P200). They've even added a few new munchies on their menu! Best for sharing is their Truffle Cream Sauce Pasta (P240), al dente, has mushroom bits and tossed in truffle cream sauce that is not overpowering at all. If you're not feeling the burgers, you could also try the Roast Beef Sandwich (P240) which has shredded roast beef and cheese in between a toasted baguette. 

Beef Chimichanga
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger
Truffle Cream Sauce Pasta

Cafe Fratello

Another familiar stall is Cafe Fratello where we got to try their Fratccino which is their own version of Frappes. Best if you need a little boost! We had a milk-based Salted Caramel (P120); other flavors include a Horlicks-inspired drink, Matcha Green Tea, Roasted Hazelnut and more! Here, they offer a line of Dessert Frappe at P150 only. Choose among the Cookie Frappe which has a big cookie on top of your choice Frappe, Oreo Pretzel Cream, a Speculoos Frappe and a drink topped with brownie chunks! They also serve Italian Pasta if you want something to eat while sipping on their must-try frappes/shakes. 

Salted Caramel

Chica's Chicharonia

We're all busy looking for fusions and twists to our food that we sometimes forget that some food items are best as it is. If you're craving for some crunch with choices, try the Bagnet Platter with Chicha Flakes (P290) or order the Crispy Pata Platter with Chicha Flakes (P450) with the fam if you want something that's bigger and more sinful! 

Joey's Charcoal Grill 

It's easy to miss this since it's located at the back part of the food hub, but you shouldn't as everything on the menu is a must-try. A serving of Chicken Barbecue (P60) and Lemongrass Pork Belly (P100) is served with a Vietnamese dipping sauce, Nuoc Cham. A personal favorite is the fork-tender Lamb Shoulder (P270) served with Chimichurri Sauce, a plate that's actually great for sharing! 

Lemongrass Pork Belly

Mang Larry's

An all-time favorite, Mang Larry's Isawan is also one of the food choices at this food hub. When you there's smoke, you know their grilling a batch of Isaw Manok, Isaw Baboy, Goto, Tenga and Special Isaw Baboy at only P10 per stick! They even sell a cup of rice since they know we love every bite with a morsel of rice.

Assorted Skewered Innards

Miggy Piggy 

Serving your not so typical fries, the Sloppyfied Chickin' Fingers (P180) are sloppy fries topped with deep fried chicken fingers. Definitely, a great choice for pica pica if you plan on trying all the food choices at Grub Hub! And then there's this Chori Friedwich (P160) which are deep fried buns with Chori patties splashed with their signature BBQ sauce topped with Greek salad that will leave your tastebuds wanting more.

SloppyfiedChickin' Fingers

Mrs. Lumpia 

Its name will confuse you with the food offerings like the Mediterranean favorites packed with flavor, Beef Shawarma Rice (P129) and Beef Kebab (P129), drizzled with their special white sauce. But let's not forget about their take on the classic Lasagna... an actual Lasagna Roll (P80) loaded with cheese! A dish that would be great for merienda with friends. 

Beef Shawarma Rice
Lasagna Roll
Beef Kebab

Noble Comida

A Mexican-inspired food hole, you shouldn't miss out on their Nachos (P195/regular; P245/fiesta) that is huge and best for sharing! They don't kid with the flavor their dishes have like the Tacos (P165/beef; P145/chicken) which has a generous amount of meat and cabbage folded in soft tortillas or the Quesadilla (P165/beef; P145/chicken; P125/cheese) sandwiched between two tortillas grilled to perfection.

Assorted Chicken

Papa Beer 

Pinoys are known for their love for pica pica and at Papa Beer, you'll find all your fried favorites! For those who'd prefer something that's sort of healthier, the beer-battered Crispy Greens (P65/single; P125/bucket) is a must or if you want something sinful, the Chicken Poppers (P120) available in original, buffalo and barbecue is good on its own or with a warm cup of rice. Other pica pica you might want to try are the Pare Calamare (P160) or the Grablets Crablets (P160), both deep-fried and best with their signature vinegar dip.

Crispy Greens

St. Mick's 

Better be sure your hands are clean since it's the only way to munch on these wings. Here, they know what they're doing and they do it well enough to get returning customers. Each serving has 8 pieces of chicken wings that are crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle, served with a free dip – Sriracha Honey, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Salted Egg with curry leaves at only P180. Imagine all the chicken wings you can eat! 

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Sub Zero 

Choose among their ice cream selection. A scoop of their Gelato ala mode is only at P99 and it's served with a huge ball of cake. Plus points because they make their own gelato! You can choose from Dark Chocolate that's off the menu, New York Cheesecake, Watermelon sorbet, Brazo de Mercedes, Caramel Cereal, Black Sesame Cheesecake, Fudge Cake and so much more interesting flavors! 

Dark Chocolate Gelato

Wicked Kitchen

They're called Wicked Kitchen for a reason... they're wickedly good and sinful! We've been seeing this all over our feed and now we understand why, Greed (P188) is the classic S'mores on a skillet served with graham crackers to scoop everything up. It's not the most nice-looking dessert but Gluttony (P185/single; P325/to share) is a soft and chewy baked chocolate chip topped with ice cream and whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup, as if it's still not chocolatey enough. The best thing about it? It's served fresh out of the oven so it's warm and gooey! For drinks, order the over-the-top milkshakes – Envy (P189), a chocolate milkshake or Lust (P178), a classic vanilla milkshake topped with an all-time child's favorite iced gems. 

[L-R] Greed and Gluttony
[L-R] Envy and Lust

Yzzy Eats

They do not have the most expansive menu at the food park but it's all it really needs. The BFLC (P85/solo; P165/regular) a.ka. Bacon Fried Like Chicken is served with herb-infused gravy you can dip the crunchy bacon in. If you enjoy eating skewered meats, enjoy the Chick Stick in its five exciting flavors: original (P55), BFLC & cheese (P65), Parmesan (P75), Korean (P75) and Japanese (P75).

Chick Stick


Grub Hub is located at 47 Visayas Avenue, Corner Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City. They're open all week, 9am to 12am (Monday); 11am to 12am (Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday); 11am to 2am (Friday-Saturday). Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for updates. 

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