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Wagyu Cubes

Kapitolyo has since been known to all foodies for its homegrown concepts that have flourished and are continuing to flourish in the neighborhood. Husband and wife, Nandz and Katrina Muñiz, always wanted a restaurant and everything just fell into place when they saw the spot on their way to a wedding.


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Bokaps, a shortcut for Barrio Kapitolyo (now Brgy. Kapitolyo), is a slang they have been calling the area ever since. They didn't want to think of a fancy name since they wanted to keep it simple because they see the restaurant as a neighborhood joint. Thus, their slogan "food in the hood." Basically, they want the homeowners and nearby households to think of Bokaps as an extension of their kitchen. Reminiscent to homey eats, here are can't-miss items on their growing menu if you plan on visiting this new restaurant in Kapitolyo:

Munch on their thick-cut Wedge Fries (P60) seasoned with only salt and pepper. Definitely, something you've created at home once in your life. Another way to start your meal is the Wagyu Gyoza (P150), a personal favorite, that's bursting with flavor. It's a different kind of gyoza compared to those from other restaurants with more vegetables than meat.

Wedge Fries
Wagyu Gyoza

Indulge on the bowl of Beef Pares (P160) if you want something other than their wagyu meals. We were surprised as to how tender and flavorful every bite is. Scoop a morsel of fried rice and douse with the thick sauce to complete your meal! If you're craving for some Kare-Kare (P175), you've come to the right place since they serve a beautifully constructed dish that's good for one person. A dish that'll bring you back to those family lunches hosted by your lola. While the restaurant boasts of their beef menu, they also offer Chicken Shio Yaki Sticks (P150) which are skewered grilled chicken and mushroom seasoned with salt and pepper and served with teriyaki sauce for dipping.

Beef Pares
Chicken Shio Yaki Sticks

The highlight of every meal at Bokaps is, of course, wagyu. A play on the Filipino classic silog meals, their Wagsilog (P220) has tender Wagyu cubes that are perfectly seared served with fried rice and sunny side up egg. If you want a different kind of Wagyu experience and would definitely greatly be enjoyed by the Pinoy palate, their SisiGyu (P220) are finely chopped wagyu served on a sizzling plate and is actually great for sharing. Go on and order that extra rice!


Fans of Korean food will rejoice with their bowl of Wagyu Bibimbap (P250) served with the same Wagyu cubes on top of rice and the usual sides. Mix them all together and savor the fusion of flavor! On to the land of the rising sun, they've incorporated a style of Japanese cuisine for the Wagyu Teppanyaki (P220) slathered with their own blend of sauce.

Wagyu Bibimbap
Wagyu Teppanyaki



Bokaps is located at #6 Sta. Clara St., East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig. They're open on Sunday to Thursdays (11:30am to 10pm) and Friday to Saturday (11:30am to 1am). Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more details.

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