Now Open: Banh Mi Kitchen in SM Megamall

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Banh Mi Kitchen is now serving up crunchy Vietnamese baguette sandwiches in unique and experimental flavors.

Bánh mì is a traditional snack and street food in Vietnam, and is a sandwich where French occupation is in the form of its bread. Traditionally, banh mi sandwich is a crusty baguette sliced in half and smeared with pâté (another French component) and filled with an assortment of meats, veggies, and cilantro. At Banh Mi Kitchen located in SM Megamall, they serve the classics, and offer more unique takes on the sandwich.

Image from Banh Mi Kitchen Facebook page

If you want the homey and traditional experience, the offer The Classic (P149/P99) banh mi of ham, roast pork, homemade pate, pickled vegetables and cilantro on a baguette. For unique renditions, their sandwich menu lists more modern fillings that goes beyond the French and Vietnamese flavors, like Kani Bonito (P189/P99), giving the sandwich a Japanese spin; Beef Rendang (P189/P129) for flavors of Indonesia; and for a Filipino breakfast twist, they have Wagyu Tapa (P189/P129) banh mi with omelette. They also offer beverages (P60 each) like Viet Iced Tea and Coffee to pair with your banh mi.

Image from Banh Mi Kitchen Facebook page

Banh Mi Kitchen is now open at the 4th floor Building A of SM Megamall, Ortigas. Follow on Facebook and Instagram: BahnMiKitchen.


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