Feel Like Royalty When You Dine at Sabreen's Seafood Market Restaurant

Sabreen's Seafood Market and Restaurant has been around for 29 years but was recently renovated for a more upscale royalty look under a different management. The current owner who is a Jordanian was a regular customer who decided to take over when the original owner wanted to close down the restaurant.

Upon entering, we couldn't believe our eyes as it is not the typical palutuan we are all familiar of. Right then and there, I knew that we were in for a treat. We also learned that the most important thing in the Middle Eastern culture is its high sanitation standard which you'll actually see in the whole restaurant -- from the cleanliness of the different areas to the food preparation techniques in the kitchen. 

We can't wait when Sabreen Seafood Market unveils Manila's biggest aquarium which will be the restaurant's centerpiece. What's noteworthy is that all seafood items come directly from local suppliers who strictly fill up the cold section on a timely manner and that stocking of seafood in the restaurant is a big no-no. So diners are assured that everything is fresh. Moreover, the price depends on the suppliers' rates so there's no menu where you can see the price of each dish since it always varies.

Although the head chef is Chinese, he can also whip up any of your seafood favorites -- even Filipino dishes! The spread not only overflows with fish, clams and squid, but we felt like royalties while eating because of its outstanding ambiance. Have a look at the few dishes we tried:

Seafood Soup
Mixed Vegetables
Tausi Clams
Baked Scallops
Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu
Tempura Prawns
Butter with Garlic Crab
Singaporean Black Pepper Crab
Desserts are not available in the restaurant however, there are fresh fruits which you can ask to be sliced or be made into fruit shakes.


Sabreen's Seafood Market and Restaurant is located at J. Bocobo St. Ermita Manila. For booking and inquiries, contact (02) 5214351. To get updates on promos and events, follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook.


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