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SaladStop! was formed in 2009 and is one of the fastest growing food and beverage operations in Singapore. It currently operates 13 outlets in Singapore and plans to develop the brand into Asia’s leading salad bar chain.

SaladStop! offers the largest selection of fresh ingredients and locally inspired dressings in Asia. Eating Wide Awake is our commitment to finding the best possible ingredients to feed the mind, body and spirit.

Customers can choose from a range of Signature Salads and Wraps, or create their own fresh, healthy, wholesome and delicious meals. With over 60 ingredients and 18 homemade dressings to choose from, SaladStop! offers a unique dining experience. Our salads, wraps, soups and yogurts are created every day and only the highest quality ingredients are bought. All ingredients are sorted through every morning to make sure they are of the highest standard.

It is hard to talk about the business of SaladStop! without talking about family. SaladStop! is the brainchild of the Desbaillets family. Their father Daniel, and siblings Adrien and Katherine. When they first started, they thought of bringing a fresh and healthy alternative to Singapore but as SaladStop! evolved, they realized that it became a lot more than just a restaurant concept and that they were impacting people’s lives and well being.

Over the past 3 years, SaladStop! has evolved into a company that wants its customers to be more informed about the food they eat, with the aim of connecting people back to their food. This is where SaladStop!’s Eat Wide Awake movement comes in. Simply put, we want to change the way people think about their food.

We want everyone to wake up to the fact that you are what you eat, and our mission is to be a leader in this change. In a world where speed, time and money are paramount, we sometimes get carried away and forget about appreciating the things that fuels us and keeps us going – our own food. Eating should be more than just being good to your body, but to everything around you.

SaladStop! was built as a family business and consider you a part of one big family. This makes every customer a part of the Eat Wide Awake movement!

Eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult, and with more SaladStop! outlets to watch out for in 2015, we’re making it a whole lot easier for people to adopt healthier eating habits by providing satisfying and tasty products.

Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. has the privilege of bringing the first SaladStop! international outlet to Manila. There are now two SaladStop! outlets in Manila: Central Square in Bonifacio Global City and in Power Plant Mall, Makati City. To make eating healthy accessible to more people, opening in key locations is a priority for Saladstop! Soon to open is the third outlet located in Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. (SFRI) is the official franchise holder of SaladStop! in the Philippines. SFRI is a member of SSI Group, Inc.

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International, Vegetarian
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