12 Things to Bring Home With You From The Best Food Forward Store

Now on its fifth year, annual benefit food fair Best Food Forward celebrates with even more reasons to eat and shop by finally opening a little store in Makati where you can get the best food finds from your favorite food purveyors.

If you're one of those foodies that frequent bazaars and fairs to discover new eats, you probably have found it difficult to order and purchase from the local homebakers and homemade food purveyors that don't have a physical store near you or delivery service with a wide range. The Best Food Forward Store (or "The BFF Store") is now open to bridge the gap of these creative food merchants and hungry customers by being a showroom of different local brands and delicacies not being offered in your regular grocery stores and mall outlets.

Their shelves, fridge, and freezers are stocked with savories and sweets ready for your picking, and the list of products offered in The BFF Store is growing each and every week. To kickstart your food shopping to stock your pantry or to gift to your friends and family, here are 12 eats you can bring home with you from The Best Food Forward Store:


1. Fresh and hot bibingka by Bibingkabon

Every day, The BFF store has freshly made Bibingka (P20 per piece), soft and fluffy, courtesy of Bibingkabon. Also available in boxes of 6 or 12, these steamy Christmas staples are baked in-store and come in handheld sizes to easily be cradled by your hand. Get them by the box to take home or give away, and reheat with lots of butter. You can even or eat one (or two, or three) right at the store -- they're pretty addicting.

2. Bottled seafood by Deep Dips Foodstuff

Another BFF fair favorite, Deep Dips is popular for its top-notch interpretations of bottled gourmet spreads and fish, and number one on Chef Arnold's product list is the Spicy Tinapa in Tomato Sauce (P275): it's already ready-to-eat and customers can pair it with the starch of choice -- slathered on bread or crackers, as rice topping, or as lipsmacking pasta sauce. Other popular bottled seafood include Smoked Salinas (P170), Gourmet Tuyo (P220), Tuyo with Capers P220, and Flying Fish (P210).

Also try: Antipasto (P300), Three Mushroom Tapenade (P270), Tomato Eggplant Pate (P250), Bagoong with Chocolate (P150), Bagoong with Mushrooms (P165)


3. Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf by The Bald Baker
The Bald Baker's first foray into the food fair scene was in last year's Best Food Forward, and his take on chewy cookies became an instant hit. Cy Ynares now ventures into baking bigger things, in the form of Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf (P300), each slice moist and compact with pieces of dark chocolate, bruleed banana topping, and bread using one kilo of bananas with every batch he bakes.

Also try: Cookies (P65 each) in assorted flavors like Compost, Oatmeal and Flaxseed, Salted Caramel, Matchallow, and Ritz and Ruffles



4. Peanut butter praline spreads by Jacob's Peanut Praline Butter

Think peanut butter made better with an interesting texture that reminds the tastebuds of peanut brittle -- that's what Jacob's Peanut Praline Butter is known for. Take your pick among three variants of spreads to enjoy as is from container to spoon, spread it on crackers/breads/pastry, or slather on fresh bananas: there's Original (P180), Hot Chili (P190), and Organic Coconut Sugar (P240).


5. Assorted quiches by Casa San Luis

While Casa San Luis is most popular for its sweet offerings of cakes, pastries, and the very popular pots of salted caramel, Chef Carmela Villegas-Agosta also whips up savory delights to fill the tummy, like her version of the savory crusty French pie. Bring home and heat up her Quiche (P150) which comes in assorted flavors: Bacon Cheese, Adobo, and Bangus Quesong Puti.

Also try: Salted Caramel (P150), Salted Caramel with Bacon Bits (P170), Coffee
Caramel (P170),  Quezo de Bola Bites, (P200), and Bacon Bites (P200)


6. Ready to eat ulam by Weekend Gourmet

Too tired or lazy to cook at home (or cannot cook to save your life)? Then keep these ready to eat frozen food stocked in your freezer to keep your tummy satisfied whenever hunger strikes. Weekend Gourmet prepares homey comfort food from scratch (all-natural and no preservatives) and is packed in microwavable containers for your convenience. Enjoy meals like Bicol Express (P252), Chili Con Carne (P205), Igado (P205), and Pork Estofado (P234) -- or bring these with you at a potluck party.

Also try: frozen Burger Patties (P192) available in assorted flavors -- Lucban & Vigan Longganisa, Mexican Chorizo & Sage Sausage


7. Artisan salad dressings by Whisk

Another food fair favorite is Whisk, a business run by best friends who present healther choices for dressings, dips, jams, and sauces by using natural ingredients without any chemical preservatives. Their top-sellers are their salad dressings in bottles, with flavor profiles that range from sweet, tarty, spicy, and fruity; the dressings not only brighten up your bowls of salads--they make delicious marinades too! Salad Dressings (P290 each) you can purchase at The BFF Store include Asian, Soy Ginger, Japanese Mango, Tamarind, Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Lemon Tarragon Vinaigrette. For paleo-friendly options, try Whisk's line of Paleo dressings (P350 each), currently in two flavors: Balsamic + Roasted Garlic and Apple Cider + Raw Honey

Also try: Spiced Mango Jam (P240), Onion Balsamic Marmalade (P240), Tomato Lemon Marmalade (P280), Strawberry Basil Jam (P280, Roasted Garlic Jam (P280)


8. Sausages by Sevilla & Sons

Sevilla & Sons sausages are small-batch sausages made from premium ingredients -- all natural using traditional recipes, and every sausage handmade (stuffed and tied manually). Sausages (P315/pack) come in Italian, Canadian Bacon, Spanish Chorizo, and Kielbasa Polish flavors, while Longganisa (P300/pack) has four variants: Cebu, Lucban, Vigan, and Hamonado. Perfect for cookouts and all-day breakfast feasts, their gourmet longganisa and sausage comes with cooking instructions and tips in every pack.

Also try: Assorted marinated meats in frozen packs like Classic Filipino Pork Tocino/BBQ (P300), Classic Sirloin Tapa (P375), Japanese Beef Teriyaki (P475), and Korean Beef Bulgogi (P450)


9. Bottled fish eggs by Chocolate ATBP.

While Chocolate ATBP. is primarily known for crafting chocolate products that showcase local ingredients like fruit, cacao, and tsokolate, they are also selling interesting products they have discovered in different parts of the country, like Patit's Super Tiltilan Fish Eggs (Regular or Spicy, P275). Tiltilan, which means 'sauce' or 'sarsa' in Capampangan, is our local version of the caviar. Because of its distinct saltiness and texture, these fish eggs can liven up assorted kinds of sides to match fried fish and seafoods, and can even be used as a replacement for anchovies.

Also try: Orange Marmalade (P220), Wild Honey (P300) and Wild Blueberry Jam (P220) from Sagada, and Tsokolate ng Sindikato de Cacao (P300) single origin cacao using pure tablea.


10. Flavored vegan kale chips by Take Root

Eat whole, eat clean, eat well -- this is the mantra of Take Root, and 'eat delicious' must be added too, as they offer clean eating conveniently, and with lots of flavor. Dried rather than fried, gluten-free, and vegan, their best-selling Kale Mix Chips (P230 per 65g pack) makes snacking a healthy treat and breaking up with junk food not that bittersweet. Their kale chips come in assorted flavors: Garlic Bread, ChoKALEt, Margherita Pizza, Sour Kream & Chive, and Vegan Cheeze. Counting calories? Fret not -- calorie count is printed in every bag.

Also try: Granola (P140 per 100g pack) in assorted flavors -- Burnt Honey w/ Cranberries and Banana Bread w/ Flaxseed



11. Handcrafted Spreads by Chef Joaquin

Gourmet spreads from choice ingredients are handcrafted by a chef and then bottled to be sold in food events and The Best Food Forward store -- this is SPREAD by Chef Joaquin, and favorites from his lineup of bottled spreads and dips is the Spinach Dip (P220), a creamy and garlicky finish to liven up your appetizers, and Salted Coffee Caramel (P250) because salted caramel is something we all cannot get enough of. Just as the chef loves to experiment with combnations and ingredients in his products, SPREAD encourages foodies to be creative with their pairings for the assorted spreads and dips -- check out their Instagram account for recommended pairings!

Also try: Jalapeno Salsa (P210), Chicken Liver Pate (P250), Salted Coffee Caramel (P250), Chili Chocolate (P250), and Bacon Bourbon (P320)


12. Meatless substitutes for crispy chicharon

Shitake mushroom and nori (seaweed) are transformed into crispy snacks named Chicha-shroom (P230) and Seacharon (P230), both vegetarian alternatives to the crispy pork rinds. Aside from the health benefits of mushroom and nori, these crunchy treats are made even more guilt-free by using gluten-Free, non-GMO soy flour or tapioca, vegetarian seasoning, and coconut oil.



Visit the The Best Food Forward Store at Unit C, 78 Estrella Street, Bel-Air, Makati (across Palm Village). Like Best Food Forward on Facebook ("Best Food Forward") and follow on Instagram (@bestfoodforwardph). For interested sellers and advanced orders, sellers and advance orders, contact 0920-9148175.

The fifth Best Food Forward benefit food fair will be on October 10 and 11, 2015 at The Rockwell Tent. For more information on how to participate, please call 0920 914.8175, 0917 887.1933 or email bestfoodforward5@gmail.com.

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