Savor Summer in August: Inagiku's Summer Menu Features Fresh and Photogenic Dishes



Aburi Engawa and Honmaguro Toro, Utage Lunch

Summer is now winding down in Manila -- but not for Japan. And to taste an authentic Japanese summer, Inagiku, Makati Shangri-La, Manila's premier Japanese restaurant, brings the freshest in-season ingredients flown straight from Japan into its limited time menu.

Fresh catch from Japan in Inagiku: Summer in Japan 2015 menu features seasonal and live seafood, fresh fruits, and more

To elevate the 'summer in Japan' experience, Japanese Executive Chef Wataru Hikawa showcases the many flavors of summer in Japan with his specially curated menu that uses only the freshest ingredients and produce harvested within the summer season of Japan (which starts June and ends in August). The limited-time menu highlights raw seafod like aji (horse mackerel), tobiuo (flying fish), and anago (sea eel) straight from Japan, as well as lobsters, Japanese sweet corn, Wagyu beef, and summery fruits like the popular Japanese peaches and muskmelons.

Have a look at some of the special, fresh-from-Japan premium items that are artfully plated by Inagiku, available until the end of August.

Tobiuo Tataki

Tobiuo Tataki (P600) : A unique and photogenic order -- chopped in small pieces, sashimi of Japanese flying fish topped with ginger is served on a bowl with a bed of ice.

Namatako Ponzu

Namatako Ponzu (P400): Also served on a bowl filled with crushed ice, this cool appetizer is slices of fresh and succulent Japanese octopus sashimi.

Mirugai Sashimi

Mirugai Sashimi (P700): Air-flown from Japan is the sought-after giant clams called mirugai, or geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck") known for its oversized meaty body. Also a popular delicacy in China and Korea, mirugai is served in raw slices at Inagiku, the same way it is enjoyed in Japan.

Wagyu Saikyo Miso

Wagyu Saikyo Miso (P3,600): Skewered Japanese Wagyu beef is prepared Kyoto style, with the pieces of the very tender miso marinated meat in wrapped in a thin sheet of cedar wood, grilled for a unique aroma and flavor.

Gyuniku Usuyaki

Gyuniku Usuyaki (P3,500) : Thinly sliced Japanese Beef Teppan Yaki are rolled with chopped mushroom and garlic, making every chopstick encounter with the rolls a flavor bomb of melt-in-your-mouth goodness.


Momo (Market Price): Prized for its extremely juicy and sweet body, Momo or the Japanese peach are plump and soft, and preferred to be enjoyed peeled from its thin skin then sliced. For the summer menu, Inagiku serves slices of momo on a bed of crushed ice to make your meal's sweet ending refreshing and cool.

To heighten the experience of savoring Japan's freshest flavors of summer flown in straight from the Land of the Rising Sun, diners can partake of Inagiku's regular offerings such as their sushi bar, teppanyaki counter, and best-selling items from the regular menu, like the popular 9 Kinds of Tempura (P1,000) which is an assortment of prawn, fish, vegetables, and mushrooms; and Gyuniku Yakimeshi (P340), Japanese fried rice of Wagyu beef, egg, and vegetables.

9 Kinds of Tempura
Preparing Gyuniku Yakimeshi at the Teppanyaki room

Summer in Japan 2015 menu will only be available in Inagiku, Makati Shangri-La, Manila, until August 31, 2015. Inagiku is open daily for lunch (11:30 am to 2:30 pm) and dinner (6:30 pm to 10:30 pm). For inquiries and reservations, call restaurant reservations at (63 2) 814 2580. Makati Shangri-La is located at Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati. Like Makati Shangri-La, Manila on Facebook (/MakatiShangrila), and follow on Twitter and Instagram (@MakatiShangriLa).

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