WATCH: Ramon Bautista and Chef Ed Bugia on the Manly Art of Making 'Beso' and a Cheeseburger

BRGR: The Burger Project


Tofu Burger and Burger TexMex

We love funny guys, food, and men that can cook--that's why we are totally digging this web episode of How To Be a Man with Chef Ed & Ramon.

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We've followed these two men before, as Chef Edward Bugia has been for years feeding the hungry Manila foodies with his grub at Pino, Pipino, BRGR: The Burger Project, Pi: Breakfast and Pies, and his latest restaurant in QC, Backyard Kitchen + Brew. Funny guy and Internet action star Ramon Bautista has also shared to us some food stories and dating tips -- and how to share your burger with your date.

BRGR: The Burger Project
Chef Edward Bugia puts the spotlight on burgers. Check out BRGR: The Burger Project, where you are to design your own burger!


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In this first webisode of 'How To Be A Man,' food and funny combine as Ramon teaches us how to remember a friend's name the 'beso' kind of way, while Chef Ed shows how to make a burger like a man.

Yum. Now if we can only eat that mouthwatering cheeseburger straight from the video with Chef Ed and Ramon with us. Feed us please! Watch out for the next episode of 'How To Be A Man' by subscribing to their Youtube channel and following them on Twitter (@HTB_Man). Follow Chef Ed Bugia and Ramon Bautista on Instagram (@chefedward and @ramonbautista).

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