9 Fun DIY Restaurants in Manila: Part Two

In our first Click List of 'do it yourself' restaurants specializing in dishes that will let you enjoy your food exactly the way you like it, we shared 11 establishments in Manila that let you customize meals.

Here, we give you seven more DIY restaurants to add to your list whenever you're feeling creative with your cravings.


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1. Sabao

Salcedo Village, Makati

FB: /SabaoSoupBar | IG: @SabaoSoupBar

Make Your Own: Bowls of Filipino soups, or sabaw (starts at P245 - P280)

How: Choose your soup ("sabaw") base (bulalo, tinola, sinigang, molo binakol), pick your starch as side or in soup (sotanghon, canton, misua, rice), and add more toppings (extras like veggies and protein).

Also Try: Noodle dishes, rice bowls, stuffed steamed baos

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2. Sisig Society

Eastwood, Libis

FB: /sisigsociety

Make Your Own: Sizzling sisig  (Create Your Sisig - P169)

How: Choose your meat (pork, chicken, seafood, tofu), choose two toppings (onion, salsa, bacon, chorizo, cheese, mushroom, chicken crisp), choose your sauce ('secret,' creamy, diablo, red, sarsa), then choose the accompanying starch (rice, nachos, soft tacos).

Also Try: Filipino dishes like Sizzling Liempo and Sizzling Bistek, and sisig snacks for merienda.

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3. I Am Kim

Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

FB: 'I Am Kim' | IG: @iamkimph

Make Your Own: Bibimbap on a sizzling stone bowl (starts at P350 - P500)

How: Choose the bowl size and kind of rice, choose two in-house sauces, choose two meats, choose the doneness of your egg, and choose your veggies.

Also Try: Korean Sausage, Korean Fried Dumpling, and their selection of BBQ

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4. CoCo Ichibanya

Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

FB: /CoCoIchibanyaPH | IG: @CoCoIchibanyaPH

Make Your Own: Japanese curry rice meal (starts P200 and up)

How: Choose the rice size, choose the level of spiciness for your curry, then choose your toppings -- meats, seafoods, veggies, cheese, etc.

Also Try: Sausage Salad, Original curry dishes, Gratin dishes, Coffee Jelly

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5. SaladStop!

Bonifacio High Street

FB: /SaladStopPH | IG: @SaladStopPH

Make Your Own: Salads and Wraps (P110 - P300)

How: Choose salad or wrap (and choice of wrap), then choose the kind of greens, pick free toppings (or even add more), then choose a homemade dressing.

Also Try: Fresh juices, no-butter cakes, quinoa cookies, and yogurt

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6. 8 Cuts Burger Blends

Mall of Asia, UP Town Center, Greenbelt 2, Trinoma, Serendra, Mega Fashion Hall, Power Plant Mall, Salcedo Village

FB: /8cutsburgerblends | IG: @8cutsburgerblends

Make Your Own: Burger (starts P190 - P245)

How: Choose your bun, choose your toppings (veggies and condiments), and choose your beef (patties are freshly ground, custom-blended, and seared to order). Go deluxe by adding more cheeses, house made sauces, and extra toppings--even double up your patty.

Also Try: Skinny Fries, Onion Rings, Happy Fried Chicken, and assorted Great Shakes


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7. Pastaroni

Bonifacio Stopover BGC and BF Homes

Make Your Own: Pasta at affordable prices (starts at P150)

How: Select your kind of pasta, choose a sauce (tomato based, cream based, olive oil based sauces available), choose toppings (meat, veggies, seafood) and add-ons like cheeses, nuts, tomatoes, ollives, and capers.

Also Try: Pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, Grilled Spanish Chorizo, Chicken Parmigiana


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8. Rita's Italian Ice

V-mall Greenhills and UP Town Center

www.ritasice.com  FB: "Rita's Italian Ice The Philippines" | IG and Twitter: @ritasiceph

Make Your Own: A lot of frozen treats like Sundae (P160/P195), Gelati (P130/P160), Misto Shake (P140/P160), and Blendini (P130/P160)

How: Make a Sundae by choosing a frozen custard and toppings of choice and topped with whipped cream and a cherry; create a Gelati by selecting an Italian ice flavor and a frozen custard in layers; make your own Misto with Italian ice and custard of choice; customize a Blendini by picking an Italian ice, frozen custard, and toppings.

Also Try: Frozen Lemonade, Milkshakes, and the new Coffee Creations lineup featuring a freshly pulled espresso shot


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Photo from Scout's Honor Facebook

9. Scout's Honor

Century City Mall, Makati

FB: /ScoutsHonorCraftCookies | IG: @ScoutsHonorPH

Make Your Own: freshly baked cookie (P120) and craft cookie milkshake (P120)

How: To craft your own cookie, choose your cookie's mother dough among 6 bases, select 3 toppings from a list of 20, then indicate the type of swirl. To customize your craft cookie milkshake, choose your milk flavor, ice cream flavor, and cookie.

Also Try: Matcha Sesame Cookie,S'mores-Tag-Alongs Cookie, Craft Milk, and Star Scouts Raw Cookies (edible ready-to-eat cookie dough in jars)

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