We Want S'mores: 12 places in Manila to get your marshmallowy Smores fix

Please Sir, can I have S'mores?

Why yes you can, there's so much to choose from all over Metro Manila. Creative bakers and dessert lovers have reinvented the classic campfire favorite first introduced by American girl scouts: the trio of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers made irresistibly ooey-gooey with the flame's heat, melding the tiny dessert sandwiches into a messy-goopy mix of textures.

Some more S'mores?: Milk chocolate and marshmallows ready to be roasted and squeezed in between graham crackers

Photo from Wicked Kitchen Facebook

A piece of freshly toasted s'mores is crunchy, then pillowy-soft, then melt-in-your-mouth, warm chocolate meeting sticky-soft marshmallows. So good is this treat with its an awesome mix of textures that this particular flavor combination is presented in different kinds of desserts found in many cafes and restaurants. After all, this marshmallow dessert got its name from mashing up "some more," so some more of these s'mores will always be welcome!

Here's our rundown of 12 places in Manila serving ooey-gooey S'mores desserts. Which one's your favorite?


1. Cello's Doughnuts & Dips

FB: /cellosdoughnuts | Twitter: @cellosdoughnuts

What to Order: S'mores Doughnut (P45/Single, P250/Box of 6, P460/Box of 12)


2. Tipple & Slaw

FB: /tippleandslawbgc | Twitter & IG: @tippleandslaw

What to Order: Smores Ice Cream Sandwich (P180)


Photo from Mrs. Graham's Cafe Instagram

3. Mrs. Graham's Cafe

FB: /MrsGrahamsCafe | Twitter & IG: @MrsGrahamsCafe | www.mrsgrahamsbakery.com

What to Order: S'mores Macaron (P50/piece)


Photo from Wicked Kitchen Facebook

4. Wicked Kitchen

FB: /ilovewickedkitchen | Twitter: @wicked_kitchen | IG: @wickedkitchen | www.wicked-kitchen.com

What to Order: Greed Skillet Smores (P178)


5. Paprika Comfort Food

FB: /paprikaph | IG: @paprikaph

What to Order: S'mores Cocktail (P255)


Photo from Scout's Honor Facebook

6. Scout's Honor

FB: /ScoutsHonorCraftCookies | IG: @ScoutsHonorPH

What to Order: S'mores-Tag-Alongs Cookie (P95)


Photo from Joey Pepperoni Facebook

7. Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

FB: "Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria" | Twitter: @joeypepperoni1 | www.joeypep.com

What to Order: Cioccolato Smores Pizza (P145)


Photo from Cupcakes by Sonja Facebook

8. Cupcakes by Sonja

FB: /CupcakesBySonjaOfficial | Twitter and IG: @CupcakesBySonja

What to Order:  S'mores Tart (P95)


Photo from PUBLIKO Eat + Drink Facebook

9. PUBLIKO Eat + Drink

FB: /publikopub | IG: @publikopub

What to Order: Publiko S’Mores Cake (P195)


Photo from Scarsdale Artisanal Delights website

10. Scarsdale Artisanal Delights

FB: "Scarsdale_ph" | Twitter and IG: @Scarsdale_ph | www.scarsdaleph.com

What to Order: S'MORES Doughnut (P55)


Photo from Pi breakfast and Pies Facebook

11. Π Pi Breakfast and Pies

FB: /breakfastnpies | Twitter and IG: @breakfastnpies

What to Order: Smores Pie (P130/Slice, P750/Whole) and Smores Hot Chocolate


Photo from Old Swiss Inn website

12. Old Swiss Inn

FB: /oldswissinnrestaurant | Twitter: @oldswissinn | oldswissinn.wordpress.com

What to Order: Chocolate S’mores (P430) Toblerone Milk Chocolate Fondue




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