13 Nutella-Flavored Desserts Every Chocoholic Must Try

Happy World Nutella Day, fellow dessertarians and chocoholics! Today, we toss out our calorie counters and celebrate our collective love for this decadent hazelnut spread.

The earliest form of the Nutella spread was created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, pastry maker and founder of the Ferrero company. During World War II, chocolate was scarce due to the low supply of cocoa. So in order to extend the supply of chocolate in the Piedmont region of Italy, Mr. Ferrero used hazelnuts, which was abundant in their region, and mixed it with sugar, palm oil, skim milk and a hint of cocoa to create the first version of what would become one of the world's most popular spreads. It was initially called pasta gianduja and was made in loaves, but Ferrero later on altered it into a paste and changed its name to supercrema gianduja which in 1964 was renamed Nutella.

According to its website, one serving (2 tablespoons) of Nutella contains 200 calories (what?!) and a total of 12 grams of fat. But who are we kidding right? It's World Nutella Day! No one cares about counting calories. And if you want to celebrate this day by indulging in something other than a jar of Nutella, below is a list of Nutella-flavored desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1. Churreria La Lola's Xuxos

It's no surprise why Makati's newest churros place is causing long lines since it opened; their traditional Spanish churros dipped in warm chocolate is delicious enough to turn a bad day around. But aside from their classic churros, Churreria has another must-try item in their menu: Xuxos (P120), churros-filled with Nutella and dusted with confectioner's sugar. Forget about poise as this saccharine treat will leave a mess however way you eat it.

  1. Project Pie's Nutella & Banana Pizza

Custom built artisanal pizza chain, Project Pie has been delighting the metro's pizza freaks since 2013. And while customized pizza is their main attraction, their ready-made pizza selection is worth checking out. Make sure to save some room for their Nutella & Banana Pizza (P145), warm toasty pizza dough topped with bananas and Nutella.

  1. Gino's Brick Oven Pizza's Nutella Soup

Another pizza house offering excellent dessert is Gino's. Their Nutella Soup (P180) is a Nutella-lover's dream come true; bread bowl filled with warm chocolate and hazelnut syrup, sprinkled with chopped pistachios. Eat it by tearing a piece from the bread bowl and dunking it in the soup. Repeat until all of the soup has been wiped off.

  1. Kalookies' Kalassic

Image: Kalookies website

All self-confessed cookie lovers should have tasted a kalookie at least once in their life. This home-based baker's cookie cups are so indulgent, you'll immediately feel guilty after gobbling up a piece (but will most likely finish one box in one seating). Try their Kalassic (P350/dozen) to satisfy your Nutella cravings – cookies with Hershey's semi sweet chocolate chip and Nutella.

  1. Cariza's Nutella-stuffed cookie

Image: Cariza's Facebook Page

COOKIES STUFFED WITH NUTELLA. Just look at that photo. Nutella-stuffed cookie (P400/box of 8).

  1. CookieBar Manila's Nutella S'mores Cookie Sandwich

Image: CookieBar Facebook Page

Aside from Cookie Shot Glasses, another must-try at CookieBar is their blood sugar level-increasing Nutella S'mores Cookie Sandwich (P70/pc, P400/box of 6). It's like the Inception of desserts. Nutella-flavored S'mores sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies.

  1. Baby Pat Breads & Pastries' Nutella Ensaymada

Image: Baby Pat Facebook Page

If you're in the mood for something more filling, Baby Pat's Nutella Ensaymada (P500/box of 4) is perfect for you. Fluffy ensaymada smothered with Nutella. This one is best paired with black coffee.

  1. Once Upon a Milkshake's Hazelnutella

Once Upon a Milkshake's thick creamy milkshakes are worth the trip to the Campus Ave. at The Fort. There's a lot of creative concoctions to choose from but of course, Hazelnutella should be your top priority. Pair it with french fries and all your troubles will be momentarily washed away.

  1. UCC Clockwork's Thick Toast Green Tea Nutella

This all-day cafe in Blue Bay Walk offers reasonably priced food, flavored beer and cocktails, and an assortment of coffee concoctions to deliciously educate your palate. After sampling their Four Cheese Quesadilla and Fresh Corned Beef with Kimchi Rice, order the Thick Toast Green Tea Nutella (P340) for dessert or merienda. This glorious block of matcha toast is smothered in Nutella, warm chocolate sauce, and served a la mode.

  1. Cafe Shibuya's Nutella Dessert Toast

Love bread? Cafe Shibuya prides itself in serving the perfect Shibuya Toast. The Nutella Dessert Toast (Baby – P195, Regular – P245) needs no introduction. This dessert toast is generously slathered with Nutella, stopped with almonds and served with vanilla ice cream.

  1. La Creperie's Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat

Image: La Creperie Facebook Page

This charming French-inspired cafe serves hearty dishes and mouth-watering crepes. After trying one of their savory crepes, order the Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat (P255) for dessert. It's made up of chocolate crepe filled with mangoes, hazelnut spread, salted butter caramel, topped with sliced almonds and whipped cream.

  1. Maitre Chocolatier's Nutella Mousse Cake

Image: Maitre Chocolatier Website

Maitre Chocolatier is on of the first boutique cafes in Manila that offers a wide array of high quality and popular European chocolate brands. The cafe also serves a full menu with salads, sandwiches, pasta, rice, cocktails, and desserts. Get transported to dessert heaven with their Nutella Mousse Cake (P176/slice, P1,800/whole cake) – silky smooth mousse caked topped with Nutella.

  1. Morelli's Gelato's Bella Nutella

Image: Morelli's Gelato Facebook Page

Don't have time to dine in to celebrate World Nutella Day? Fret not! You can just head to Morelli's and grab a cup of Bella Nutella (P120 – 1 scoop, P170 – 2 scoops, P210 – 3 scoops.

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