Unboxed: Uncle Tetsu's New Cheesecake Flavor, In Stores this Weekend

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Last week, we met Uncle Tetsu's classic Japanese cheese cake for the first time and it was heavenly--really, it was like eating clouds (if clouds were edible, and if we've actually eaten one). A slice of this much coveted cheese cake is pillow-soft and deceivingly light, as its sweetness is subtle and the texture very airy. You may as well inhale and entire cake on your own and it's totally fine, because hey, it's only P299 per cake.

Loved in Japan, now in Manila: Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake
Original cheese cake (P299)


Now, we give you the first look at the newest flavor that will be available in all outlets this Sunday. Let's unbox this baby, shall we?

Okay, we had more than one box

The boxes didn't give off much of that 'omg is that butter?!' scent compared to the Original cheese cake, but we were excited to open up the box because our first date with Uncle Tetsu was magical and we wanted second helpings. I think Uncle Tetsu Philippines heard that we are a bunch of dessertarians (yep, we are!), so they brought over the new flavor for a special 'sneak eat.'

Just by looking at the cake thinly veiled by the white cloth, you know that it's chocolate. Oh yes, Chocolate cheese cake! This should be good.

Chocolate cheese cake

A look at this brown beauty is pretty much like a look at their original cheese cake. It's simple and unassuming, rid of any frou-frou things like icing and topping--just good ol' Uncle Tetsu stamped right in the middle, as always.

Still delicate, still fluffy, and fragile to slice. But upon first bite, the piece of chocolate cake surprised us with its more moist profile. Little moist pieces of cake cling to the plastic knife when using it to slice. The addition of chocolate into the Japanese cheese cake made it just slightly more decadent than the original flavor. It's chocolatey-ness is more pronounced that sugar, so it's not so cloying.

Chocoholics should give this a try. And good news is that it's still worth P299 per cake, making it an affordable takeaway treat for the house, potlucks, as gifts, or for you and you alone, tucked at the far end of the fridge and labeled 'DON'T TOUCH. MINE.' (we won't judge).

Get your Uncle Tetsu Japanese cheesecakes at SM Fairview, The Podium Mall, and Alabang Town Center. The Chocolate Cheese Cake (P299) will be available at all outlets starting Sunday, October 26, 2014. Soon opening in Mall of Asia. Like them on Facebook (/UncleTetsuPH) and follow on Instagram and Twitter (@UncleTetsuPH).

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Uncle Tetsu Sweets Shop

Cakes & Pastries, Comfort Food
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