Kyochon: A Korean Invasion To Watch Out For



“We are not a fast-food restaurant. We only serve honest, healthy chicken. And we use all natural ingredients.” is what their three famous promises are.


Kyochon has been long in the business of KFC or the Korean Fried Chicken; it has been in the business since 1991 and has over 1,000 flagships in Korea. They already have branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, even in the USA; and now, they’re in the Philippines too.

The interior of Kyochon is very simple; you wouldn’t even assume that it’s a Korean restaurant if you don’t see the Lee Min Ho posters around.  Warm-colored wooden walls and chairs and the hanging light bulbs are what you’ll first notice when you’re greeted inside by the pleasant staff.


The menu is not pretentious but rather straightforward. They don’t offer a lot of dishes, just select, signature ones. It’s amazing though, since most restaurants nowadays offer a wide variety, but this certain restaurant offers only what they’re really good at. This is probably why they can really focus on all the little details. Their chicken is double fried to perfection. Kyochon also makes sure that the bones are cut properly and that the chicken does not bleed. Their chickens are kept in the fridge certain centimeters away from each other so the cold air will equally flow through each container. There’s a proper way in dipping the chicken in hot oil, too.

At Kyochon, their fried chicken can be ordered as Wings (P149 for 5pcs, P270 for 10pcs, P490 for 20pcs) and as Drumstick (P150 for 2pcs, P270 for 4pcs, P490 for 8pcs). They only use quality and organic chilli for their Red Series, a variant that is a must-try for people who prefer a little adventure in their mouth. As for the spiciness level? That, you have to experience yourself!

Red Series

It is known that sweet and crispy are two food attributes that Filipinos enjoy eating, so I'm certain that the Honey Series will be a crowd favorite. The chicken meat of this variety remains juicy, while the golden skin is crispy and bathed with the sweetness of honey.

Honey Series

Their Soonsal Series (P149 for 4pcs, P270 for 8pcs, P490 for 12pcs) is quite unique, covered with rice batter which gives the chicken the extra crunch factor you're looking for. It is a mix of boneless and skinless breast and thigh meat. It's a little dry compared to the other variants I sampled, so it's a good thing it's served with a tangy jambalaya and sweet honey-mustard dip. This is a dish that kids will enjoy, and first pick for lazy eaters who aren't into the process of deboning.

Soonsal Series

Nothing beats the original, as everyone says: the Original Series is where it all started. It has a rich taste from garlic and soy that your tastebuds will be awaken after a deep slumber.

Original Series

See how nicely the chicken is done? Not to mention, the bone comes off easily​.

The Kimchi Rice (P99) is a picture-perfect dish! It is served with egg on top and has just the right amount of spice in it. The taste isn’t overwhelming at all and best eaten together with any of the chicken. For anyone who loves garlic, their Butter Garlic Rice (P50) is similar to the Filipino sinangag with the addition of butter for that extra kick. Sinful but delish!

Kimchi Rice

Butter Garlic Rice

What can set apart Kyochon from the other fried chicken joints is that they started way back, and the brand actually originated from Korea. Their first branch can be found at SM Megamall, and soon we can expect it to expand and add a few more branches in the metro.


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