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Mille Feuille-Style Katsu , 25-Layered Select Pork Cutlet

Kimukatsu, Japan’s famous mille feuille-style katsu restaurant is now open at the 5th floor of East Wing, Shangri-la Plaza Mall. In this article, get to know more about the new katsu player through these interesting figures.

12 years ago (April 2003), founder Mr. Shimanuki opened the Kimukatsu restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo. According to Kenji Komuro, part of the group that brought Kimukatsu and (the adjacent) Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen restaurant to the Philippines, the ‘ki’ and ‘mu’ of its name translates to ‘hope’ and ‘dream’. Kimukatsu is a fulfilment of Mr. Shimanuki’s dream to open a place that serves remarkable tonkatsu.   

24 stores: the total number of Kimukatsu branches spread across the globe. As of writing, Kimukatsu has grown to 19 branches within Japan (Ebisu, Ginza, Asakusa, Kichijoji, and Akasaka), although some are branded as ‘Genkatsu’. There are two branches in Seoul, two in Los Angeles, one in Honolulu, and the latest one is here in the Philippines.

25 layers of thinly-sliced pork can be found in one cutlet—this is what differentiates Kimukatsu from its competitors. Because of this mille feuille-style of preparation, the cutlet surrenders upon careful bite and melts in your mouth in no time.  

-5 degrees to 0 degree: the average temperature of the room where the chefs slices the pork. Any hotter than this will melt the pork’s fat and make it impossible to slice cleanly.

8 minutes: the amount of time in which the cutlet is deep-fried in low temperature. After frying, it is set to steam vertically for even cooking.

7 flavors to choose from: Aside from having 25 layers of stacked pork slices, Kimukatsu is unique because its cutlets come in seven flavors: Plain (P380/130g), Garlic (P380/130g), Black Pepper (P390/130g), Cheese (P390/130g), Negi Shio (spring onion-filled; P380/130g), Yuzu Kosho (with Japanese citrus fruit yuzu and chili pepper; P430/130g), and Ume Shiso (with sour plum and shiso leaf; P430/130g). One set includes: unlimited rice (high quality, melt-in-your-mouth kind), miso soup (a choice of regular ‘red’ or less potent ‘white’), sliced cabbage, and Japanese pickles.

Caution: this pepper katsu is serious about tickling your throat

for spring onion lover

This sweet rice is enjoyable enough to eat on its own!

Tonkatsu sauce, Himalayan Sea Salt, Ponzu Sauce

Get red if you want the normal miso flavor. Pick white if you want it milder.

Sides and add-on appetizers

After a few months of operation, Kimukatsu has noted that Cheese and Garlic are the most-ordered flavors. This isn’t surprising at all as Filipino foodies are often partial to familiar flavors.

No surprise here that the best-seller is cheese.

Not visible on photo: minced garlic in between the layers

However, if you are seeking for bolder, never-before-had profiles, we suggest that you get their Ume Shiso and Yuzu Kosho variants.

Ume Shiso cuts the fat pleasantly with its sour plum bits. The shiso leaf gives it a fresh, somewhat minty finish.

Yuzu Kosho on the other hand combines sour and spicy—a great combination that’s not really alien to the Filipino palate.

If you can’t decide which flavors to get, tag along your friends so you can order the group meals. Kimukatsu Assorted Set for two is priced at P1, 200, inclusive of 3 flavors and two rice sets. All seven can be ordered when you get the Kimukatsu Assorted Set for 6 at P2,400.

Cap off your meal with Japanese Pana Cotta (P110)

Or this Soy Cotta (P180)

Katsu sandwich for the kids

77 seats: the total seating capacity of Kimukatsu, Shangri-la East Wing branch. The restaurant is spacious, with two private 6-seater function rooms.  

1 wishing tree (probably the only paper wishing tree in the Philippines) can be found behind the dining area. Guests are invited to write their wishes on paper and tie them around the tree’s branches. The practice is said to be customary in the temples of Japan.

The same space is also set to become a gallery showcasing works of contemporary Japanese artist Yasuko Sensyu.

Like its international counterparts, Kimukatsu Philippines is branded as upscale, sleek, and contemporary with black-hued interiors and cherry blossom pink accents. Prepare to shell out around P500 for a meal in this place. To reserve seats, call +(632) 727-0333. 

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