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Once Upon A Milkshake

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Thick Creamy Shakes, Homemade Ice Cream, Real Durian Shake, Shibuya Toast

This story begins, fittingly enough, on a dark and gloomy night.

Two tired girls attempt to seek shelter from the cold winds underneath a brightly-lit purple and white awning. They are immediately drawn to the parade of colourful characters that came to greet them, delighting in the strange but wonderful sights and sounds that exist in this Wonderland of a kingdom. The girls are also welcomed by Alvin Ng, the King of the Chocolate Castle, and his most trusted vassal, Chico Pasion.

Once Upon A Milkshake, home of thick and creamy shakes

“I’ve always loved milkshakes,” the King admits. “In my homeland of Singapore, there were no establishments that specialise in milkshakes, so I created Once Upon A Milkshake. I wanted to do something that was fun and fairytale-inspired, hence the name. Chico, a longtime fan of the brand, traveled abroad to meet me. After some discussions, I was more than happy to have him bring Once Upon A Milkshake to the Philippines.”

Science Hub branch

He beckons the girls closer, sharing with them stories of how he had dreamed up his colourful array of subjects. “In the beginning, I only had eight—everything was very simple back then. As we progressed, I realised that I had to come up with other more unique, interesting flavours. From basic things such as strawberry and banana, I began looking into stuff like avocado and durian.”

Once Upon A Milkshake's Lineup of Thick Creamy Shakes

Premium Flavors: P85 - Mini, P115 - Regular, P135 - Large

Baa Baa Naa, Chocolate Castle, Agent Strawberry, Sir Cookies and Cream, Vainilla Pot, Milosaurus, Coconut Caramel, Peanut Butler, Maple Ninja, Matcha Green Tea, Mangonista, Butter Scotched, White Coffee Cloud, Spooky Mocha

Special Flavors: P115 - Mini, P135 - Regular, P155 - Large

Crunchy Cookie Butter, Tiara-Miss-U, Hazelnutella, Grumbling Raisins, Salted Caramel, Agent Red Velvet, Babelicious Baileys, Bubblegum Balloon

Large, Regular, and Mini sizes

To entertain the girls, Chico summons Baa Baa Naa, Agent Red Velvet and Bubblegum Balloon. Baa Baa Naa is a semi-sweet, delightful banana concoction loved by everyone who has ever encountered him. Agent Red Velvet, feisty and full-bodied, has proven to be an exciting companion who speaks the language of a blended red velvet cupcake complete with the tanginess of cream cheese. Bubblegum Balloon, ever so loved by the children, is all about comfort and the innocence of days gone by.

Baa Baa Naa

Agent Red Velvet

Bubblegum Balloon (Mini size)

The charming company offered by the first three does not stop Alvin and Chico from introducing more of their friends to the girls. The loyal and stalwart Chocolate Castle is more than enough proof that classics never go unnoticed. Even with all the wild ones that surround him, he still remains to be the go-to guy for all chocolate lovers. Babelicious Baileys brings on the party with her distinct liquor-laced taste. This is a much recommended flavour for all you loyal subjects who seek a bit of a kick in your shake. No one makes the girls fall harder than the Milosaurus himself, though, the master behind all memories of one’s childhood. Aboard the Milosaurus, you’ll have Milo like you’ve never had it before.

Chocolate Castle, the character and the shake

Meet Babelicious Baileys

Before the girls take their leave, Alvin and Chico offer them a slice of Shibuya Toast (P75 - Half Toast, P95 - Thick Toast, flavors include Original Honey, Butterscotch, Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter). If you are dropping by for the first time, the classic is the definite must-try. Half Toast is all about the crisp, while Thick Toast is all about the fluff. Choose as you see fit. With happy hearts and full bellies, they duck out from beneath the purple and white awning, more than ready to share their latest discovery to townsfolk far and wide.

Shibuya Toast

This is only the beginning for Once Upon A Milkshake. Aside from their branches at Science Hub and SM City BF, they are eyeing many other areas in the city—one of which might just be near you. Boasting of thick, creamy goodness (it must take two to three sips before one gets to taste the milkshake), Once Upon A Milkshake has proven itself to be a haven of true blue happily ever after for the genuine shake enthusiast.


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Once Upon A Milkshake

Juice & Smoothies
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