Color Your Christmas Delicious at Seven On 7th Bistro Moderne

It’s that time of the year again where you can feel the joy of little children permeate the air while the hustle and bustle of shoppers can be heard in the distance.  Unconsciously, you find yourself humming to that reindeer song, which the speakers in the mall keep on loop.  Yes, it’s Christmas time again.  And why not celebrate the season at a new restaurant called Seven on 7th? It’s about the right time to treat the special people in your life to something special.

Seven on 7th, at Forum South Global, BGC

Curiously enough, Seven on 7th is located at Forum South Global, which is right at the corner of 7th Avenue and Federacion of BGC Taguig (just across the street from the NBC Tent). Yes, you’ve read that right, Seven on 7th, located on 7th Street--so it's quite nice and easy to remember where the restaurant is located. Of course, this curiosity has to be explored, so I asked Ellis Chua, owner and marketing head, about the name. But just like Ellis, they were all as surprised as me when they found out of the address, as it was not planned to match their restaurant's name. The name of the restaurant actually represents the courses that are available on the menu. Either way, it’s like an early Christmas present, if you ask me.

Holiday every day: All decked out in festive red and white

The interior of the restaurant is very modern, with a red and white motif.  It definitely reminded me of the holidays. Of course, at any other time of the year, it would still look as splendid as it did on the day of my visit. The offerings of the restaurant is best described as modern European cuisine, with a tinge of Asian.  The menu consists of favorites of the owners that they lovingly prepared for their guests, with the help of their culinary chefs. The ambiance combined with special blend of food offered makes Seven on 7th a perfect place for a Christmas date or any special occasion.

The chef prepared a great set for our visit. The meals in the pictures in this article are smaller portions designed especially for us, so that we can taste them all without feeling too full. So don’t be shocked when you visit them soon and your order comes in much larger size. For starters, I had one of the soups that they offer.  I’m a big fan of mushrooms, and so I ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup (P300).  It’s made out of fresh button mushrooms, shitake, baby Portobello, enoki, mushroom sauté, and truffle oil. It has a light taste but one that definitely packs a punch.  I’d recommend this to start off your meal for a light beginning.

Half-portion of the Wild Mushroom Soup

Pair your meal with a cold watermelon shake.

Following the soup, we went right ahead to the salad.  The Spicy Caesar Salad (P350) is made out of grilled Cajun chicken, parmesan crisp, quail egg, bacon, romaine, and mixed greens.  The chicken was tasty and moist, but what stood out for me was the romaine and mixed greens.  It must have been the special sauce that comes with it!

Spicy Caesar Salad

For this special occasion, we next got a three days worth of a Christmas knockout, a praiseworthy combination of food served to us (my compliments to the chef). The three dish combo consisted of the Bell Pepper Pomodoro (P375), Braised Shortribs (P965), and the Potato-Crusted Seabass (P1, 250) all served nicely for our tasting purposes. The Bell Pepper Pomodoro is made out of the seven pomodor sauce, roasted bell peppers, basil pesto, tomatoes, queso blanco, parmigiano reggiano and Italian Sausage.  

Bell Pepper Pomodoro

The Braised Shortribs comes with pommes puree (mashed potatoes), haricot verts, and red wine sauce.  As this is braised, you can imagine the soft, tender and tasty meat just basically melting in your mouth. The beef is braised for several hours to make it soft and tasty.  This dish is well worth a taste when visiting.

Braised Shortribs cooked to perfection

Last but not least on the sampler trio was the Potato-Crusted Seabass (P1, 250).  It’s Chilean seabass, truffle cream, leek fondue, and red wine sauce.  All three dishes are worth at least one visit each for the full experience!

Reel in some fish: Potato-Crusted Seabass

Another dish worth trying out is the Hanger Steak (P750).  It’s made out of grilled onglet, rice pillaf, and haricot verts. An onglet (aka Hanger steak) is a cut of beef prized for its flavor.

Full serving of Hanger Steak

The desserts from Seven on 7th are superb. To be honest, I’m not a big dessert-loving guy. But I promised myself that I’ll be coming back for the meals, but couldn’t leave without having some White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Basil Cremeux (P325) and Seven Cheesecake (P275).  The panna cotta is delicious to say the least and is made out of almond streusel, strawberry coulis, and fresh fruits.  It also has a hint of that “something” that makes it unique. Try to guess what the special ingredient is! And if you’re very astute, you already know.  The Seven Cheesecake. on the other hand, is made out of whipped cream, brandy snap, caramelized almonds, strawberry coulis, and mango coulis. Their cheesecake is always a favorite.

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Basil Cremeux

A best seller

Seven Cheesecake

Cheesecake is always a favorite

Seven on 7th is also coming out with a 'Wagyu beef bar' concept soon.  It’s still in the making and should be up and coming in the near future, so we should all be on the lookout for that. The restaurant already has meals and desserts that will make you come back for more, but the additional Wagyu beef bar is a definite plus. Seven on 7th is an ideal stopover to cap off your Christmas shopping rush this season. And after the holidays, you’re always welcome to drop by again and again for a feast!

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