Steveston Pizza Opens in U.P. Town Center, Katipunan

Nader Hatami, the man behind Steveston Pizza Co., is famous for creating the most expensive commercially available pizza in the world (without gold and diamonds, that is). At $450 (around P18,546), the “C6” pizza is topped with a thermidor of lobster and black Alaska cod and a side of Russian Osetra caviar. This pricey pie currently holds the title of Most Expensive Pizza in the Guinness Book of World Records. Clearly, the man is fond of creating culinary statements. Eat in Steveston Pizza and you’ll know that this is true. This restaurant, originally from Canada, is the winner of Best Pizza by the Richmond Review from 2008-2011. They finally had to drop out of the competition to give other establishments a shot at winning. Steveston Pizza is now a hall of famer. They use only the freshest high quality ingredients that result to the most delectable overloaded pizzas that I’ve seen in a while.

Second Philippine branch, now open in U.P. Town Center


All their pizzas come in one size (12”) and are divided into 12 slices. One pie could easily feed 3-4 people. Despite their reputation for serving up the world’s priciest pizza their regular pizzas are actually pocket-friendly, starting at P399 and going up to P1,299. One of their best-sellers is the Japanese pizza (P789) that is topped with wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, mushrooms, and sesame seaweed julienne. You get a little hint of wasabi with every bite without the painful spicy sensation shooting up your nose. The mushrooms, the seaweed, and the chicken all make for a very interesting pizza experience.

Japanese Pizza

Another one of their best sellers is the Blue pizza (P649). This outrageously good pizza is topped with rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby spinach, and Stilton blue cheese mousse. Blue Stilton is an English cheese that is well-known for its distinctive pungent smell. Don’t let that deter you from eating it because it is truly one of the most delicious cheeses in the world. Put chunks of it on top of a hot pizza and you’ll hear the hallelujah chorus once you take your first bite.

Blue pizza

If seafood is your thing, you will love the Green pizza (P649). The fluffy, chewy crust is slathered with an herb pesto butter base, topped with brie, and covered with a very generous amount of fat, sweet, and succulent shrimp. Seeing as yours truly is a big fan of this particular crustacean, I had to stifle a gasp when I was served with this pizza because of the overwhelming amount of shrimp on top. I don’t even have to tell you how good it was, the picture speaks for itself.

Green pizza

If you’re gunning for something a little more luxurious, Steveston Pizza offers signature premium pizzas simply known as C1 and C2 (P1,299 each). The C1 is topped with tiger prawns, crab meat, Essence of Pernod, and tomato & fennel salsa. This pizza is so glorious that I couldn’t help but clap when I saw it. It deserves a standing ovation, really.


The C2, on the other hand, is topped with prosciutto ham, brie, semi-dried Roma tomatoes, and roasted garlic mousse.


If you like Pizza Margherita, you should definitely give one of their Margarite pizzas a try. The Margarite Two (P499) is liberally topped with basil & arugula pesto, tomatoes, feta, and chicken. Each bite is packed with the fresh taste of basil, juicy chicken bits, and slightly salty and creamy feta cheese. I love the fact that they don’t restrict themselves to just one type of cheese. If you look closely all of their pizzas have a piece of bocconcini cheese right in the middle. I was told that this signifies that the pizza has passed all quality checks and is good to go.

Margarite Two

If you prefer the classic pizza flavors, Steveston Pizza has them too. For just P399 each, you can get yourself any of these four: Cheese, Margarite, Pepperoni, and Aloha. They also offer vegetarian options such as the Orange pizza (P649). This simple yet flavorful pizza combines interesting toppings such as spinach, honey-glazed yam, pineapple, feta cream sauce, and crumbles of feta cheese. It’s a little too sweet for my taste because of the honey-glazed yam and the pineapples but if you’re trying to steer clear of meat then it’s definitely the way to go.

Orange pizza

Steveston Pizza opened its first branch here in the Philippines last April 26, 2013. It’s been received enthusiastically which is why they opened a second branch in the U.P. Town Center last October 16. I think one of the reasons why people love their pizzas so much is because of the excellent quality of their ingredients which their customers can really see and taste. Nader Hatami is considered as an artist and an innovator when it comes to pizza making. He has managed to create a fascinating harmony of flavors in his pies which is why Steveston Pizza has successfully made a home in the hearts of pizza lovers everywhere.



Photos by Albert Peradilla. Additional images courtesy of Steveston Pizza.

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