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The Korean Pop wave has hit our shores and it’s now so big that it’s even invaded our food chain.  The newly opened KPub BBQ restaurant in Bonifacio Global City is a meat-all-you-can concept restaurant with--you guessed it--a KPop theme.  This newly opened restaurant features a 420 seating capacity which makes it a perfect place for events and large gatherings. KPub also boasts of a large indoor, high definition, widescreen LCD television where you can enjoy your most popular KPop music videos while you eat.

Located at the Ground Level of The Fort Entertainment Center

The restaurant is the perfect place to take the family, friends, or business associates for a night out or to have a great lunch or dinner.  The ambiance is quite conducive for conversations (even with the music playing) and there is time to chitchat between cooking and eating the freshly prepared meat on the grill.

High tech grill imported from Korea

Large screen TV playing KPop music videos

For large groups, you can take one of the VIP rooms on the right side of the restaurant (if facing the screen).  It has its own large LCD TV and plenty of space for dining and conversations.

Make yourself at home

Unlike other restaurants, there is no hard time in choosing what to order as you can take advantage of their set meals. This makes ordering at KPub quite easy as you can simply have it all.  For only P499, you can get the Eat & Run set meal (good for 1 hour), which includes Banchan (assorted side dishes), Ke ran ggim (steamed eggs) Kimchi pajeon (kimchi pancakes), mixed salad greens with house dressing, choice of kimchi fried rice or steamed rice.  

Kimchi bokkeumbap (Fried Rice)

Kimchi Pajeon (Kimchi Pancakes)

This set also includes the following meat choices all served with KPub condiments and lettuce:

  • Ssam gyup sal (pork belly)
  • Dae pae ssam gyup sal (thinly sliced pork belly)
  • Yangnyum samkyupsal (sweet n' spicy pork belly)
  • Daeji kalbi (tender pork marinated in soy and garlic)
  • Dak bulgogi (marinated chicken fillets)
  • Dak kalbi (sweet and spicy chicken fillets)
  • Chadolbaki (beef sukiyaki)
  • Shike (sweet healthy rice drink)
  • Plate of assorted vegetables

Meat all you can

If an hour is not enough time for you to eat, or you simply want to spend a longer time with your friends and family at the restaurant, you can extend your stay for a minimal charge by advising your waiter.  But for those more adventurous or really have big appetites, you might as well go for the Meat all you can set meal (P899).  This includes everything under the Eat and Run set, plus special BBQ.

  • Kpub beef kalbi (marinated short ribs)
  • Kalbi sal (rib finger)
  • Beef bulgogi (beef in soy and garlic)
  • L.A. kalbi (cross cut short ribs)
  • Red wine ssam gyup sal (pork belly marinated in red wine)

A lot of choices to make

Keep grilling and eating. It’s meat all you can!

To give you a timeline or a comparison, I was fully stuffed by 1 hour and 45 minutes (and I have pretty big appetite).  For the 1 hour set, the clock doesn’t start ticking until the meats are all delivered to your table.  And with the fried rice, kimchi pancakes, and other side dishes already filling up space in your tummy, it can only get more fulfilling.  So for those with a small appetite, you can opt for the 1 hour set.  That option will give you plenty of food to chew on already! 

Have some Sikhye (sweet rice beverage) to help you digest

After restaurant operating hours, the main dining area closes; but for those who still want to hang out or enjoy KPub BBQ food, they have a choice of staying at the Heineken Green Room.  This is the only Heineken bar in the Philippines where you can enjoy some drinks along with KPub BBQ.

Heineken Green Room

And for those true die-hard KPop fans, the restaurant also has the KPub Souvenir store at the entrance.  Here you can buy shirts, albums, light sticks, and even pictures of your favorite KPop stars.

KPub Souvenir store: Buy your imported CDs here

Are these your favorite K-Pop bands?

Starting September 13, the restaurant will showcase live bands: Side A, Freestyle, True Faith, and Mulatto, among others. For gig schedules and further details, you can check out their website ( and YouTube channel (kpubbbq).

If you’re a KPop fan, this is the place for you. Not only can you enjoy Korean BBQ, but you can also watch and enjoy all your favorite Korean bands while you eat. Not that much of a fan? That’s alright, the food itself in the restaurant is a strong magnet and reason for you to drop by! Come for the music, or for the KPop theme, but rest assured, the food and great service will keep you coming back for more.

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