Eat Americana: Restaurants in Metro Manila Where You Can Have an All-American Feast

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From barbecues to grills, Thanksgiving feasts to Superbowl house parties, junk food  to comfort food, there's always a reason and season to crave American cuisine. The slew of American dishes is as (or perhaps more) diverse as our local cuisine--with regional nuances and influences by immigrants and colonizers--that there's always something all-American we can chew on to cater to our specific cravings.

Hungry for American comfort food? Then celebrate like it's the Fourth of July every day with this restaurant rundown!

The Usual Suspects

Top of mind when it comes to restaurants you want to rush to when wanting to chomp on glorious American food are T.G.I. Friday'sChili's. This popular all-American restaurant chain duo has been around in their motherland since the 1970s, and has been the metro's staple go-to for good old ribs, burgers, steaks, and Tex-Mex. End your meals here with awesome chocolate cakes, or have a nightcap with their signature smoothies, mojitos and margaritas.

Burgoo, named after the hearty, meaty American stew, is another favorite go-to for American cuisine; there's also Texas Roadhouse Grill for that Western ambiance, and Bubba Gump, a nod to the now classic award winning American film 'Forrest Gump.' For a diner-like experience and all day breakfast fare, scoot on over to Mr. Jones--don't forget to sip on some milkshakes while you're at it. For American comfort food enjoyed in a neighborhood bar setting, Bugsy's is the place to be. Named after the American mobster, this bar and bistro is famous for their steaks and buffalo tenders, as well as their signature cocktails and shooters.

Milkshakes from Mr. Jones
The famous Bugsy's Siegel

Carnivorous Eats

For the ribs-loving hungry folk, a trip to Racks and Tony Roma's will satisfy your rib cravings with their signature grills, sauces, and more. More steaks and ribs places are yours for the taking in our listing over here. Of course, when talking all-American meaty eats, one cannot miss out on the hamburger, their most famous sandwich of all and the sandwich that Manila seems to not get enough! Diner themed Johnny Rockets, handcrafted favorties at Charlie's Grind & Grill, homegrown brands like Brothers Burger, BRGR: The Burger Project, Burger Avenue, and Stackers Burger Cafe are but a few among the many burger places to choose from in the metro---it looks like there's one for every budget, location, and diet! Browse through our list of burger establishments in the Food & Dining section to discover more burger joints in Metro Manila.

Johnny Rockets
BRGR: The Burger Project

Sandwiches and Pizzas and Wings, Oh My!

Subway has long been serving up subs and other sandwiches in Metro Manila, the brand founded in the 1960s in Connecticut. Another franchised American brand offering sandwiches in the metro is Quiznos, a sub sandwich joint that started in Colorado during the 1980s. Philly cheesesteak is another kind of all-American creation that we certainly chomp on, with restaurants like The Cheese Steak Shop and Elbert's Cheesesteak Sandwiches specializing in the meaty, cheesy Philadelphian sandwich.

The Cheese Steak Shop

Our bellies are grateful that the Italian cuisine has greatly influenced America, and now welcome pizzas in all flavors and styles possible. From New York style, Chicago style, to Italian-American, there are countless of flavors possible, served in different thickness of pizza crust. In the metro, there are the U.S. pizza chains like Shakey's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's Pizza, CPK, and Sbarro. Add Yellow Cab to your pizza pie itinerary for more New York-style pizzas. Pizza-crazy but too lazy to head to the restaurants? Then order some using Mobile Ordering and have them delivered to your doorstep!

Papa John's Pizza
Yellow Cab

Lastly, we put the spotlight on the crispy, juicy, and hot buffalo wings, a deep fried American favorite originating in Buffalo, New York. Ditch the utensils and attack the saucy fried chicken wings at Buffalo Wings n Things where you can alter the hotness to your taste, Red Buffalo where you can also indulge in pizzas and other Western dishes, Wingman in The Collective where you can choose among nine flavors, and Sunrise Buckets to add some sunshine to your wings with their surf themed restaurant.

Buffalo Wings n Things

There still are many more establishments to visit for even more kinds of American feasts. Don't chicken out -- be an adventurous foodie and celebrate American food all over Metro Manila! Have an awesome food trip!




Where else do you head when craving all-American eats? Talk about restaurants dishing out your fave American dishes in the comments section! Check out our Food & Drink section for more American restaurants around the metro.

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