Sweet, Sweet Nostalgia: GrandMomma's Kitchen

As a young girl, I’d always equate Sundays to lunches at my lola’s house. Going to grandma’s for the weekend meant indulging in home-cooked comfort food, spending time with the family, and claiming dibs on the swings at the park a few streets away. Most of us would not find it difficult to think up such simple pleasantries when we recall our childhood. GrandMomma’s Kitchen, a new home-style American restaurant owned by partners Kristian Gadia and Angel Pelayo, now stands at Il Terrazzo as a testament to the good old days.

GrandMomma’s Kitchen, with its country-esque, woodsy interior, looks like a page—modernised, of course—off Little House on the Prairie. The lights hang low and the chairs are close together, giving customers an avenue to get together with family and close friends. Pretty things like paintings, bottles and books line the shop’s narrow shelves to complete the cozy feel.



Comfort food restaurants have the tendency to serve great soup, so I did not pass up the chance to try the Spiced Pumpkin Soup (P80). The consistency of the soup is its most remarkable trait—smooth, creamy (but not overly) and surprisingly light. This was, however, the end of our appetizer course. The feature quickly became a carb-and-protein party, which is unsurprising given the terrific quality of GrandMomma’s main course selections.

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

GrandMomma’s Roast Beef and Mushroom Gravy (P410) is a favourite dish among the store’s patrons. A classic among comfort food dishes, GrandMomma’s does it justice by serving tender, juicy beef with delicious mashed potatoes and home-style gravy. The Smoked Baby Back Ribs (P255) are absolutely fantastic. Rib fiends will fall in love all over again with the flavourful, slightly sweet meat that gets all its heavenly goodness by being close to the bone. To take a break from the meat, we went for the Pan Seared Salmon Fillet (P285). It’s a little on the crusty side (thank goodness for the mashed potato), but the flavour and texture of the salmon remains to be present. To break the rice dish monotony, we ordered the Four Cheese Pizza (P215), which is worth a try for its pocket-friendly price. People hardly ever go wrong with cheese pizza, so I am happy to report that GrandMomma’s four cheese rendition is definitely on the satisfactory range.

Roast Beef and Mushroom Gravy

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Pan Seared Salmon Fillet

Four Cheese Pizza

No one leaves GrandMomma’s without indulging in some sweet treats, so we made room for the Pancake Stack (P40) and Strawberry Banana French Toast (P65). The pancakes taste much more than they are worth price-wise. The cakes are very fluffy with a distinct, semi-sweet taste. The strawberry banana toast is one of the most popular breakfast items in the restaurant. Unfortunately, they had run out of strawberries by the time we had ordered, so we had to make do with just bananas. It was still a good dish, though, but the strawberries would have definitely made it as good as its reputation fashions it out to be. Finally, as refreshments, we had some Homemade Iced Tea (P60) and Lemon Green Tea (P60).

Pancake Stack

Strawberry Banana French Toast

Homemade Iced Tea and Lemon Green Tea

GrandMomma’s Kitchen is just one of the many new American-comfort food restaurants that have become so popular with the dining crowd. It does, however, stand out in the sense that everything—from the prices, to the space—is kept at a minimum that allows enough room for coziness and intimacy. If you miss Sunday brunches at grandma’s house, then GrandMomma’s Kitchen is surely the place to be for you.




Images by Nix De Pano.


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