Passion on a Plate at Maja's Home Cafe

Maja's Home Cafe


Gloomy and rainy it was the Friday I went to visit Maja’s Home Café, then a 10-day old café. But just a few minutes after I entered this little café, the gloom outside was forgotten because of two things: the coziness of the interiors and the easy-going and eager manner of Carlo Angeles, the 29-year old entrepreneur and husband of Maja Martinez-Angeles.


Welcome. You Are.

“We had a dream that some day we’d have a toy café. Eventually, she quit her job and she got blessed with a catering company called Passion Cooks and through Passion Cooks we were able to come up with Maja’s Home Café,” shared Carlo.



Sitting a few meters away from the noise of Aguirre Street in BF Homes Parañaque, the place is equal parts homey and playful (with a touch of nerd). You swing open the door and you see the Batibot chairs and red hand-painted pillows on cushioned seats. Then your eyes travel – from the Yodas painted on the floor to the Danboard robots to the wall of Star Wars troops. There’s even a drawing of Darth Vader in chalk on a black wall. I imagine this would be a go-to place for the boys of Big Bang Theory for dates, a place that both Leonard and Penny would love.


Do Not Think – Feel.

The café’s menu is made up of choice items from the Passion Cooks catering menu, which gives more people the chance to sample their good food aside from the catering company’s usual clientele of happy brides and grooms. Don’t have a clue on what to order? “Before choosing a dish, feel, don’t think… Use your instincts” should help you out in your conundrum, a phrase that makes their menu more than a list of dishes.

We had the Saber Rolls (P85) for our appetizer – deep-fried banana wrapped in bacon and drizzled with honey-maple dip. The mix of saltiness from the bacon and sweetness from the banana and the syrup was such a nice surprise, a novelty that my taste buds savored.

Saber Rolls

Next was a plate of Three-mushrooms Truffle Pasta (P170), Béchamel sauce with truffle oil, button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and black fungus on ribbon pasta. Instead of garlic bread, there were bread sticks on top of the dish. The mushrooms created a lot of texture and there was also fruity sweetness from the minced red bell pepper that added flavor.

Three-mushrooms Truffle Pasta

We had a trio of dishes for dessert and Carlo was very excited for us to try them. The R2D2 Cake (P50) was first, three gooey pieces of sweet biscuits with milk chocolate topped with white chocolate sauce. The Fried Flan (P105) was my personal favorite, vanilla ice cream topped with blueberry sauce and fried flan served in a tall glass. A solo serving of Panna Cotta with caramel sauce (P80) completed our sweet trio (and what a trio it was!).

R2D2 Cake

Fried Flan


Panna Cotta with caramel sauce

Passion Food

Passion is energy and is therefore intangible. In the culinary realm, passion is the spice that adds that extra something which makes the experience of eating passionately prepared food a soulful one, feeding not just your body but also your soul.


How to get there:

From South Superhighway, exit to Sucat. Then from Sucat Road, turn left to BF Homes entrance. Maja’s is in the green building right across Hanakazu just before you reach the intersection at Elizalde Street.


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Maja's Home Cafe

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