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As if shopping for chickens is not already complicated enough (Is it organic? Free-range? Pastured? Factory-produced?), those loco for pollo will be introduced to yet another kind come May 1. For its Yellow Chicken Festival, which will run from May 1 to June 30, Wee Nam Kee will include a premium Yellow Chicken variant in their menu-- the exact same kind served in their Singapore branch.


Open in the Philippines since December 2010, Wee Nam Kee is the first international branch of Singapore's famous Hainanese Chicken house. Known for serving gelatinous Steamed and Roasted Hainanese Chicken (Personal Set, P168), Wee Nam Kee Philippines caused snaking lines outside its first branch in Ayala Triangle. Three years and six branches later, Wee Nam Kee revs up their menu with the introduction of premium Yellow Chicken, new mains, and three spectacular desserts.

Purported to be “one of the world's top grade chicken breeds” and hailed as the “Wagyu, Kobe, and Kurabota of chickens” , Wee Nam Kee- Singapore's Yellow Chicken is bred and raised in Malaysia. “We were hesitant to import at first because it (Yellow Chicken) really is more premium-- quality-wise and price-wise. But our guests, especially those who've tried Wee Nam Kee in Singapore, insisted. They were looking for the same chicken served in there, that's why we planned this Yellow Chicken Festival," Linfred Yap, Wee Nam Kee's owner, shared.


Now aside from its bright yellow skin and more premium price, how is Yellow Chicken any different from the regular, pale-white local chicken? “Yellow Chickens are yellow-skinned because they are corn-fed,” Linfred lectures. The corn-heavy diet is responsible not only for their unique coloration but also its additional fat content.


When put side by side with a regular white chicken, the Yellow Chicken is obviously bigger and plumper. Cooked Hainanese-style, the Yellow Chicken (Small- P388; Medium- P768; Large- P1,488) retains the thick and gelatinous layer in between the skin and the meat. And just like anything that's extra fatty, the Yellow Chicken is juicier and more flavorful when compared to its leaner counterpart. “Just like our regular white chicken, it is best eaten with our chicken rice. Don't forget to complement it with the freshly minced ginger, chili sauce, and dark soya sauce,” Linfred adds.

    Yellow Chicken Rice, Small Set

Now apart from the Yellow Chicken, Wee Nam Kee also recently introduced new dishes outside their chicken rice menu.

If you've been getting your chicken rice alongside Wee Nam Kee's Cereal Prawns (P395 for 4 pieces)--fried just right to make you devour them from head to tip (without taking it off its shell)-- and salty-spicy Sambal Kangkong (P199) for six years now, this is a good month to consider changing your entrée priorities.

    Stir-fried Clams in Spicy Sauce

Their fairly new Stir-fried Clams in Spicy Sauce (P280) is a good alternative for those who like the flavors of Chili Crab, but hate the laborious means to devour it. Cooked in the same sweet and slightly spicy sauce, the Stir-fried Clams come aplenty so you can share with your family.

    Marmite Pork Ribs

There's also the Marmite Pork Ribs (P270), which gets its sweetness from the dark-brown yeast spread that's well-loved by British and Australians. Also not to be missed is the Claypot Roasted Pork with Tofu and Taosi (P270), a well-executed version of a common entrée in Asian restaurants.

Claypot Roasted Pork with Tofu and Taosi
    Mango Mint Smoothie and Cucumber Lime Fizz

But of all the new additions in Wee Nam Kee's menu, we're most happy with the expansion of their dessert line. “They don't have desserts in Singapore. We made this especially for the Philippine market, who mostly love sweets,” Linfred explained. But instead of treading the easy way and serving Mango Sago Jelly and Almond Jelly, Wee Nam Kee made unique desserts that deserve as much praise as what their chicken rice gets.

    3-Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi

Headlining the dessert line is their 3-Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi (P88) filled with white, milk, and dark chocolate truffles. Best eaten while warm, a bite into the buchi unleashes a warm chocolate lava, which in turn will give any chocolate lover a brief high.

    Mango Sago Pudding

For something more refreshing, but no less indulgent, get their beautifully plated Mango Sago Pudding (P185) that's creamy and smooth, it might as well be named Mango Pannacotta.

    Warm Roti with Milk Tea Sauce

And lastly, Wee Nam Kee's Warm Roti with Milk Tea Sauce (P115) wins with its chewy crepe-like consistency, and subtly-sweet milk tea syrup.

Wee Nam Kee Philippines upgraded the resto's look from hawker-style to sleek and homey

Wee Nam Kee's Yellow Chicken festival will run for a limited time only from May 1 to June 30. The imported chicken will only be served in Serendra and Glorietta 2 branches. For more details, check out Wee Nam Kee on Facebook or follow them on Twitter via @WeeNamKeePH

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