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You just have to love entrepreneurs who come up with new and exciting restaurants.  Life never gets boring with new places popping up left and right.  I decided to poke my head around places near Pasig Kapitolyo this time and “Voila!” I found this new place Rub Ribs where you can enjoy some ribs and barbeque sauce.  It’s conveniently located in Pasig and it’s just a hop away from Shaw Boulevard; the tricycle drivers know the place since it’s located along East Capitol Drive.  If you’d like to take a look at a location map, why, we have one conveniently handy.  Take a gander at our Hungry Guide:  Kapitolyo, Pasig Food and Restaurant Map.

Rub Ribs from the entrance

The restaurant itself is small but very comfy.  You can look around their interiors for a bit while waiting for your food to arrive.  They have some quite interesting pictures hanging on their walls.  This branch in Pasig is open from 11am until 10pm in the evening.  They opened November 2011 and are known to have great ribs at an affordable price.  How affordable and great?  Well, I’ll just let the article and pictures speak for themselves.

Some interesting pictures on the wall

To kick things off we ordered the House Blend Iced Tea (P110).  Summer was letting its presence known so that was the first thing we looked for.  It’s a pitcher good enough for four people but for today it was only good for two hungry and very thirsty persons.  One does get thirsty while munching and the ice tea is home brewed and reminds me of hot summers with family.  They also have some choices of imported drinks such as Dr. Pepper (P60) and for the kiddies Kool Aid Jammers (P30).  I absolutely love Dr. Pepper (it’s also hard to find here in the Philippines) so I promised the owners I’d be back to eat here as they were currently out of stock when we visited.

House Blend Iced Tea – Good for a hot day

The first dish we ordered got us off to a great start.  I’d really suggest ordering a side dish of rice with this one.  Heck, make it two orders of rice since you’ll need it!  The Rub Beef (P290) comes with garlic sauce, US hanging tender, Texas toast, and buttered veggies.  It has very tender beef slices and the sauce sort of reminded me of gravy/Mechado sauce.  You can either dip the beef slice into the sauce, or you can just pour the entire container of sauce onto your plate.  Personally, I used the toast to mop up the rest of the sauce on the plate.

Rub Beef: Texas toast plus beef -- great combo

Extra rice needed for this.

The next food we sampled is a favorite finger food of mine, the ever so famous Buffalo wings with Blue Cheese (P255).  Someone once told me that the closer the meat is to the chicken bone, the tastier it is.  Apparently there is truth in that.  This chicken wasn’t that spicy, but I like it that way.  I have this thing about eating food that’ll dirty my fingers, but with Buffalo wings, that rule goes out the door.  Part of the experience I suppose of eating Buffalo wings is getting your hands dirty--just grab those wings and dip it in the cheese sauce and you’re good to go.  The wings were gone in a matter of minutes, and boy, did I feel full.  You can match this with more rice if you’d like, but I sort of recommend just eating this as is. 

Buffalo wings with Blue Cheese

Dip these in cheese!

The main course we had was the Super Duo Ribs with 2 Sides (P370).  This dish serves two hungry folks and was the favorite of the day.  It came with the ribs, extra sauce, spiced rice, and garlic mashed potatoes.  As good ribs are supposed to be, the meat basically melted off the bones at a touch of the fork.  The rice wasn’t spicy in the regular sense, but was rather flavorful with a slight hint of paprika.

Super Duo Ribs with 2 Sides

Ribs and more ribs!

The dessert we opted for was the Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (P150).  Fried Oreos on the bottom with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  What more can you ask for?  As it goes with any ice cream dish you’ll have to eat quickly before it melts.  It becomes messy once you have melted ice cream on the plate, but it’s not a challenge if scoop after scoop goes directly into your waiting mouth as it will with this dessert.

Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream

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Shown here are only some of the goodies that you can get at Rub Ribs.  There are some other great dishes worth checking out, too.  It’s not also just a convenient place for good food, but it’s also a very budget friendly resto with the food to back it up.  I’ll be definitely be back for more of the ribs and my Dr. Pepper!  Grab a few friends, and hope to see you there some time.

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Rub Ribs & BBQ

American, Steaks & Ribs
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