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Keeping their New Year's Resolution ("Mag da-diet na ako, promise!") will be extra hard for diet-conscious Makati folks, now that Kapitolyo food district's pioneer and all-time favorite deli cum restaurant: Poco Deli opened shop in Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Among the many items they must learn to resist is the Bacon Slab (P320)-- Poco Deli's elusive homemade heartthrob . 

Unlike the thin and wrinkly bacon the metro's used to, Poco's bacon is huge, thick as a porkchop, and smoky through and through. 


Only done in small batches per day, the home-cured liempo is the fastest to run out of stock.

Consider yourself extra lucky should you manage to get this dish past dinner time as almost every table asks for this piece of heaven in a plate. Note: the slab(s) come with a huge cup of rice topped with bacon bits (!) and double-yolked egg. Definitely not for the weak of heart!

But fret not should the worst of luck strike you on your particular visit and receive word that the said bacon is out of stock. There's a less popular dish in the menu that is as glorious as the bacon: their Gourmet Tapa with Eggs and Bacon Rice (P320)-- a strong contender for the metro's best tapa.

The Bacon Slabs and Gourmet Tapas are best-sellers, alright. But Poco Deli wouldn't have acquired the cult following it has now if not for their homemade, extender-free, and extra juicy sausages.

As most of Poco Deli's patrons know by now, the owner's training in making sausages included a stint in a famous delicatessen. As one of the few people who know how to make the Nürnberger Sausage, Chef Joy de Leon was coaxed by her husband to put up a deli and serve the sorely-missed sausages.

Poco Deli's Nürnberger ​with Sauerkraut (pictured above), Italian Sausage, Wagyu, Chicken Sausage, Hungarian, Kabanosi, Frankfurter, et cetera, can be had in a single double, or family serving sizes. The German Sausage Sampler (Single P350; Double P550) is recommended for those who do not know yet their preference in sausages. Frankfurter, Cheese Krainer, Chicken Sausage, and Kielbasa make an interesting and newbie-friendly mix.

Other patrons, though prefer ordering bite sized Assorted Cold Cuts (P340). And they enjoy this with Poco Deli's excellent Wine Selection that's approved by connoisseurs but not too alien for amateur drinkers.

Two signs in the store apologetically inform diners that Poco Deli is still on their soft opening stage. Though the service is still a bit tense (understandable, since this branch is two to three times bigger) and the acoustics can still be improved, Poco Deli has nothing to apologize for, except for giving Makati diners another reason to toss out their calorie counters in favor of unhurried and quality food options. 

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Poco Deli

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