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Cebu may be synonymous with lechon but there are other food discoveries in the city that will please a foodie’s palate. One such place is Mooon Café, a trendy restaurant that dishes up Mexican-inspired cuisine. During my recent trip to Cebu City, my travel companion and I scoured the metro for different food haunts and this became one of my favorites.

Welcome to Mooon Café

Mooon Café (yes, spelled with three Os) offers not just good and affordable food, but unique ambience as well. Situated in the hip Asiatown IT Park area called The Walk, the resto-bar welcomes guests with its vibrant walls and gigantic ceiling fans that surround a colorful ceiling mural of the sun and moon. We immediately enjoyed the young and fun vibe as we settled comfortably in a table by the window.

The cafe's fun interiors

Adios, diet!

We celebrated our last night in Cebu by gorging on a Mexican feast. We started with one of the restaurant’s “Appeateasers,” Garlicky Mushroom (P95), a modest serving of sliced button mushrooms sautéed in garlic. It tasted like the garlic mushroom offerings of other restaurants but we thought we would eat a bit healthy that night so we ordered it anyway. Mooon Café has other appetizers such as salads and soups but we decided to make room for its specialties.

Garlicky Mushroom

The Chimichanga (P95) caught my eye. The menu claimed that it was the restaurant’s “all-time favorite” so I did not miss my chance to try this crispy flour tortilla that was filled with tender, mild-spiced beef, grated cheese, and salsa rojo. It was nicely served with strips of lettuce and a drizzle of sour cream on top. I liked the combination of flavors and the crunch from the tortilla. My only complaint was that I wanted more.


So, we indulged and ordered some more.

In our effort to be healthy eaters, we sampled the Fish Taco (P120), soft taco that is stuffed with breaded fish fillet and then topped with melted cheese and sour cream, and then served with tasty salsa. The taco itself and the fish were both soft and tender, so it was a delight to eat it with the salsa, as it gave more zing and texture to the dish. The serving was good for one and we discovered that the dish is best eaten while hot and with a knife and fork.

Fish Taco

Mooon Café also offers popular Mexican bestsellers like burrito, quesadilla, flauta, nacho and even rice meals, but we were enticed by their Chicken Fajita (P195) that we saw in their promotional posters. A sizzling plate with marinated chicken strips, sliced bell peppers and onions arrived on our table, and then followed by a separate plate covered with aluminum foil, which had three pieces of regular-sized soft tortilla. We were also given a serving of sour cream and salsa fresca—chopped red and green tomatoes, onions, chili, and cilantro that is seasoned with calamansi juice, chili powder and paprika. I liked the interactive aspect of the dish since I was able to create my own fajita. It was a fun dish because we were able to eat with our hands.

Chicken Fajita

Condiments for the fajita

We enjoyed our meal even more as we paired it with Mooon Café’s refreshing drinks. The resto-bar has a nice beverage selection and I had a couple of non-alcoholic coolers, Mooonba Mooonba (orange juice and grenadine) and Shirley Temple (lemon-lime soda, grenadine and cherry), while my partner had some local brews. We finished everything down to the last drop.

Shirley Temple

Beer goes well with Mexican food

I really wouldn’t mind going back there the next time I visit Cebu City.

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Mooon Cafe


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