Angel's Kitchen Extends Comfort to Makati Through 'AK Bistro'

AK Bistro

Asian, Comfort Food

To make up for Rockwell Center’s dearth in approachable, homey, and unpretentious cuisine, Angel's Kitchen of Greenhills put up AK Bistro amidst the taut skyscrapers of the business district. But instead of throwing together flowery cushioned sofas, framed memorabilia, and dainty flower vases into one snug space (like how it is in their cozy Greenhills nook), the team behind AK Bistro crafted an ambiance that's homey and uptown at the same time. The result: a beautiful space with tall windows that let in tons of light by day and effuse warm glow by night.

“We built this place as if we were to live here,” Marnie Ong, one-fifth of AK Bistro management team, beams. The 60-seat repose is a palette of browns, whites, and beiges so despite the airy ceiling, diners still get a warm enveloped feeling.

Amidst the bright room, the huge bulbous wooden chandeliers take focal point. Proud “homeowner” Marnie mentions that these were especially crafted in Pampanga. Attention shifts to the rows upon rows of antique Yakal wood that line the loft's ceiling. Slim wooden chairs and sleek china cabinets completes the old-home charm. “Yes, we wanted it to be very modern but we wanted it to be comfortable as well. Our aim here is to make the diners feel like they're being entertained at home-- just like in Angel's Kitchen,” Marnie reasons out.

It may have departed greatly from Angel's Kitchen's traditional look but food-wise, AK Bistro is still Angel's at the core. Dishes here follow the same theme as in Greenhills: downright simple yet prepared such great care that you won't help but feel warm and fuzzy after a meal.

Complimentary toast and pâté

House favorites is headlined by the signature Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Bagnet and Chocolate Bagoong (P408). This doesn't deviate much from the Pinakbet every Filipino is accustomed to, save for the curious cocoa-mixed condiment that accompanies it. Nevertheless, the Pinakbet rice has a huge following because of its consistent execution and ample portioning.

Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Bagnet and Chocolate Bagoong

There's also the house-made John Dory with Parmesan and Caesar Glaze (P408). Order this and know what's it like to eat Caesar salad in fish form. Eat this the moment the dish lands on the table for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

John Dory with Parmesan and Caesar Glaze

The other notable dishes in the menu will take you right into the table of Marnie during a private Sunday party in her home. The Menudo Pot Pie with Rosemary Crisps (P398) is a masterful rendition of the slow-cooked Pinoy viand.

Menudo Pot Pie with Rosemary Crisps

Extra tender and saucy, the meat is covered with a thick blanket of baked potato that completes this meal.

You might also want to try AK's just-a-tad-hot Chili Tinapa with Artichoke (P358)-- another testament to the comforting culinary simplicity that can be had in this restaurant.

Chili Tinapa with Artichoke

To cap off your meal, there's a splendid small array of desserts available by the counter. 'When in doubt, get the Rustic Apple Pie (P208)' is sort of an unwritten rule when at Angel's Kitchen. The same is true in AK Bistro and you are expected to comply most especially if you're a first timer.

An Ina Garten quote on one of AK's walls perfectly sums up the bistro's food philosophy: “Food is not about impressing people. It's about making them comfortable.” Though not the place to go to when seeking culinary sophistication, AK Bistro is set out to be Rockwell’s top of mind destination for comfort cuisine. Despite the lack of flowery sofas, picture frames, and flower vases, there’s an undeniable homey sincerity to AK Bistro; thanks to its soulful, fuss-free, and unpretentious food.
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AK Bistro

Asian, Comfort Food
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