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Discovering a fondue restaurant in Pasig excites my appetite. Now, discovering it along with good friends? It simply excites my heart. Good company in tow, we had a sumptuous dinner for seven at Eleven Tables in Kapitolyo -- a destination now being called a foodie hotspot, with unique restaurants and hole-in-the-walls in just about every street.

Visit Eleven Tables at the Ground Level of D' Ace Plaza

Eleven Tables is named so, as they have eleven tables inside the restaurant. Their menu is as straightforward as its name: you can see that they offer different kinds of fondue. Categorized into three, their fondue list shows how one can have fondue as appetizer, as main course, and as dessert. The pricing also shows you how much a serving of fondue can feed. Two sticks means it's good for two, four sticks means, well, four mouths to feed or maybe just two, depending how hungry you are.

We start of with some cheese fondue. I think starting dinner with warm, melted cheese will always be amazing. The dippers included with Cheese Fondue orders are bread, baby potatoes, and garden vegetables.

Bacon, Cheddar and Tomato Cheese Fondue

Our Bacon, Cheddar and Tomato Cheese Fondue (P340-Good for 2, P600-Good for 4) arrives and the sight of little mountain of bacon bits atop the melted cheddar made my heart skip a beat. While the tomato bit of this fondue was a bit lacking for my tastebuds (it's more cheese and bacon than anything else), I was a happy camper. After all, Bacon + Cheddar = Yay! I preferred dunking the broccoli amongst all the dippers, as it was crisp and its leafy flavor fresh and vibrant, while the fondue embraces it in its cheesy and salty goodness.

"Let's order another cheese fondue!" my best friend said, and we zeroed in the Pesto Emmenthal Cheese Fondue (P370-Good for 2, P650-Good for 4) we found on their menu. Save this fondue for pesto lovers, as the bitter and leafy flavors are more prominent here. If you like the classic gooey cheese, I suggest you order any of their fondues with cheddar or swiss as its base. The pesto fondue went well with some wine. We had Vinal Albali white wine (P600 - bottle), and this pairing with the cheese fondues proved to be pleasant to my palate. Speaking of wine, Eleven Tables has Wine All You Can every Friday from 6pm to 8pm. For P500/person enjoy a selection of wine that you can drink to your heart's content over dinner. Make Friday your Wines-day at Eleven Tables!

Pesto Emmenthal Cheese Fondue

Vinal Albali

Wine selection

Wine all you can Fridays

While the restaurant showcases its wine selection to pair with the fondue of your choice, they are also kid-friendly. Our seventh dinner guest, 3 year old Javi, was delighted with the cheddar fondue. He had even more fun when the waitstaff handed him a box of crayons -- you can draw and doodle on the brown paper placemats whether you're a child or a child at heart.

Javi also found a new favorite at Eleven Tables: their Butterscotch Popcorn (P150). That is spelled Yum with a capital Y. The sweet-salty blend of the butterscotch sauced poured into the bowl of fresh and warm popcorn was just irresistible. I would plead the little man if I could get some more servings of popcorn when he had the bowl to himself. He hesitated at first, then gingerly picked a piece of popcorn to feed my mouth. The popcorn was irresistible enough to merit another order, as we easily cleaned the bowl within minutes!

Butterscotch Popcorn

Moving on to our main course fondue: the Seafood Bourguignonne (P880) arrived on our table. Servings of raw shrimp, scallop, salmon, and dory came with the fondue pot filled with hot oil. This fondue bourguignonne by Eleven Tables showcases a trio of sauces: miso, wasabi, and curry kefir. These assortment of dipping sauces are home made, and have varying flavors to suite to your taste. If you want it a bit salty, choose the miso; if tangy is your kind of taste, then pick the curry kefir. The wasabi is just mildly spiced, so fret not about its hotness level. I preferred frying the shrimps and salmon over the other seafood -- the salmon just lightly fried as I like it raw, then dipped with the wasabi sauce so it was similar to eating it sashimi style. The juicy shrimps dunked in curry kefir was delightful. It may seem that a bourguignonne dinner may be lacking in heft because you skip on rice, but paired with a cheese fondue starter, it was an easy task to feel full and end with a happy belly.

Seafood Bourguignonne

Curious little Javi was in awe of the meats and fondue pot. "We're going to cook our food!" we explained to him. The six of us started choosing our seafood to skewer and dip into the oil. "Cooking mama! Cooking mama!" he exclaimed, which made us all laugh, as he might have been pertaining to that popular video game, but right across him was his mama, cooking.

Our fondue adventure wasn't over yet -- there was dessert to be conquered, still! And so, we set our sights on the Dark Chocolate Dessert Fondue (P280). It came with five chef-selected dippers: potato chips, apple slices, graham crackers, marshmallows, and wafer sticks.

Dark Chocolate Dessert Fondue

I'm a sucker for chocolate covered potato chips, so I zeroed in on the chips for dipping. The salty and sweet tug of war for every crunchy nibble of the treat created a party in my mouth. The fondue itself isn't distinctly bitter as how it is usually with dark chocolate, so this one will most likely sit well with the little kids. Just control their (and your) chocolate intake so that the sugar rush doesn't kick in too hard!

Guess who got a sugar high?

Like Eleven Tables on Facebook (facebook.com/eleventables) for updates. Eleven Tables is open during Holy Week for lunch and dinner: Thursday to Sunday, 11-2pm and 6-11pm.

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