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Clams Malagueña, Binacalao, Beef Tenderloin Salpicao, Callos, Gambas, Fried Spanish Chorizo, Bangus Belly with Kangkong Blachan, Baklava, Beef Ribs Ninja, Black Pata, Coco Loco Prawns, Porcupine Tart, Seafood Couscous and Sweet-Sour Dalag

Seafood Couscous. Pigeon Adobo con Ajo. Costillas de Tenera Guisada. These and a spacious outdoor seating overlooking Bonifacio High Street Central's amphitheater are just few of the indulgences that await diners of Lorenzo's Way's newly-opened second branch.

The Look

“This is definitely bigger than our Greenbelt 5 branch. The view from our al fresco area during dinner time is really beautiful; you should see it, especially when the fountains are on” Lorna Cruz Ambas, owner of Lorenzo's Way and President of the LJC Group of Restaurants beamed.

True enough, the second branch of Lorenzo's Way sits at the most elegant corner of the brand new food complex located just past the old High Street. Away from the streets and overlooking the greeneries of the amphitheater, the restaurant's al fresco area is one of the come-ons when dining here. “But more than the breezy al fresco area, we're very happy about the space in general” Marketing Director Malou Domingo enthused. Still reflecting the old-world, dark wood-centric, elegance of the first branch, the new Lorenzo's Way can easily sit at least 150 guests-- indoors and outdoors. Three function rooms are also available for reservations. “All this space is what sets this branch apart from our first one,” she continued.

The Eats

... are basically the same as what's available in Greenbelt 5. LJC Restaurants are quite famous for menus that hardly change and Lorenzo's Way is no exception.

There's quite a number of permutation as to how to start your meal at Lorenzo's Way (a total of 13 appetizers, as of press time) , but three are time-tested to always bring about a warmed-up palate.

Clams Malagueña

If your tongue's the type which needs strong and sharp flavors in order to awaken, then a plateful of the briny Clams Malagueña (P255) is a must for your first course. Vegetarian? Then the Fried Vegelicious Lumpia (P160) might be right up your alley. The cumin incorporated within the fried roll of julienned vegetables and tofu will differentiate it from all the other lumpias you've had before. And whenever available, order their Crispy Baby Squid (P175). Tiny and always tender, its a light but satisfying option for an appetizer.

Fried Vegelicious Lumpia

Crispy Baby Squid

The list of entrees is even lengthier than the appetizers. There's the all time favorite Beef Salpicao-- a dish smacking of home-made simplicity, sold at P370 and the ultra-rich Costillas de Tenera Guisada (P625 for sharing; P325 solo).

Beef Salpicao

But if you are to order just one item from the menu, make it worth every buck and get the King Prawns Creole Hollandaise (P570). The buttered Risonni just melts in your tongue, while the succulence of hollandaise-drenched prawns unrolls in your mouth. It's arguably one of the best renditions of prawns in the entire metro.

King Prawns Creole Hollandaise

Most meals at Lorenzo's Way end in a sweet note with the amusingly-named Gigil Tart. Order this and it's as if you asked for a melange of three of the most popular Pinoy desserts. The salted egg slices within the Gigil tart resonates the flavors of Bibingka, while the custard filling echoes leche flan. Lastly, it's also part Buko Pie because of the flaky crust and buko slices.

Gigil Tart

A tribute to LJC founder Larry J. Cruz's most-favored dishes, Lorenzo's Way serves as temple that houses the best of the best from the rest of the restaurants he started. Experience all of these well-thought of recipes coupled with great service at the bigger and better Lorenzo's Way now open at the Fort.

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Lorenzo's Way

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